TRP - Newborns & Newbies ~ eight

..."Home..Home again. I like to be here when I can".... 1715hours: We interrupted Lynn Moss Drilling the 'Disney' Honor Guard when I chopped the throttle on Colt-005 60feet over the Reservation's Flag Pole a split-second before snatching the nose up to force 4 & 1/2tons of Biplane act like a Parachute. 70yards past the Flag we landed at 25knots Indicated Airspeed into 18knot North-Westerly winds and left 72 tape-measured-feet of muddy tracks behind the main undercarriage wheels..For the practical upshot of winning a 100dm($25) wager with Odette that I couldn't land that,"..Big-Ass-Bird..",in less than 100feet. // The Reservation was bustling with Activity; The Honor Guard was drawn from a number of Units and were bunking in a few of our Guest Cabins. Along the Tree-Line Professor Karl and about 100 Archaeology Students were laying Pallet & Plywood foundations for the Tents they'd be living-in for the Summer Semester Dig. Between the Two was the Woofhausen A-Frame,carrying the full load of providing Bath,Kitchen,Laundry & Recreational services for the Diggers until they could get fully established. Aided by a few Co-Ed's,the Big Grill was being tended by the Mom Squad,who had decided that feeding a slew of College Students provided the perfect excuse to pull a good bit of our Frozen Meats out of storage and replace them with fresh purchases. // That was as far as Lilly & Sandy's Tour of the Reservation had progressed when Lynn Moss hollered over,"How Long Has It Been Since You Rehearsed"!? "Too Long,Drill-Sergeant"!,I snapped back. "We Need To Work-Out Our Timing!..Let's Hear You Sound-Off With That Git-Fiddle"! "Wilco,Drill-Sergeant"! It took a few minutes to roll an Amp out onto the A-Frame's front stoop,plug-in,sling 'Sergeant Rock',and find my fingers before I made the call,"Good-To-Go,Drill-Sergeant!..Gimme A Fist-Pump When You Want Me To Start And A Wave-Off To Stop"! "Standby"! "Standing By,Drill-Sergeant"! I was mentally kicking my own ass for not considering this part before; To coordinate with the Drill & Ceremonies I needed to develop a steady way to play the National Anthem that I could recreate over and over again. As it pertained to 'Timing',any Flourishes I wanted to integrate had to be worked-in now,and couldn't vary much between these Practice Drills and the Real Deal..And I hadn't given it Any thought until now..... (Currently Listening To : The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem : Songs Of Irish Rebellion)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature