TRP - Newborns & Newbies ~ seven

..."I bear Orders from the Captain,get ye ready quick and soon. For the Pikes must be together by the rising of the Moon".... Tuesday,1530hours: Relieved of Duty at 0800hours that morning by Orders originating from the desk of Brigadier-General Phillips,V-Signal Command,Sergeant First-Class Ainsworth-aka-'Worthy',Ansbach's former Facility Chief stood before my desk in a frazzled Rage,"What do you mean,'It's out'a my hands'"!? "Give it another read,Worthy; 'It's out'a my hands' means that those Orders don't contain a Block for my Authorizing Signature..You've been 'Ghosted' and I can't do or say anything about it". "Fucking Bullshit",he grumbled ominously. I sent him a cold,hard stare,"That's what a lot people were thinking when they read that Anti-Nazi Manifesto you Transmitted to Every ATC Facility In The U.S.Army",after leaning so hard on the last bit,I eased-back on my tone & tenor,"Best hop on the Van to the Replacement Depot before you give them grounds to take your Retirement Pay". Worthy had moderated too,"Yes Sir. Sorry 'bout stirring-up a Shit Storm". I received and returned his Salute,"Good Luck..You'll be dealing with a lot more Shit than I will". The Sergeant-Major escorted Worthy out and sent the first Replacement in,"Specialist-5 Conroy Reporting for Duty,Sir"! This exchange of Salutes was much more to my liking,"Welcome Aboard,Sandy. Have a seat and tell me 'bout your buddy". "Lilly's a Wizard in the GCA. Busted Butt working her way up to Training NCO.." "Whoah",I cut her off crisply,"Tell me something I can't learn from Official Records". Sandy spanned into a relaxed smile,"Lilly's cool,easy-going,knows how to be discrete; A Bookwormy kinda loner..She Reads Tolkien". // I hadn't seen Sandy since we'd Graduated ATC School,but we had maintained Pen-Pal contact throughout her assignments to Korea & Ft.Campbell,KY,where she had become friends with Lilly. Postcards & Trinkets from our Travels helped Sandy convince Lilly to tag-along,so I took faith with Sandy's judgement and approved their Dual-Transfer to Giebelstadt as one of the first things I attended to upon assuming Command of the 189th. That was well in-advance of the 'Crunch' Giebelstadt was about to face,so I gave them a comprehensive Briefing on current events featuring the requirements for them to obtain their Facility Ratings as swiftly as possible. Part-and-Parcel of that requirement was the need to seat Certified Supervisors to lead the 'Buddy Recruit' Foursomes from the Humpaho's Darstadt & Ft.Hood Reservations who would eventually Reinforce Giebelstadt's overworked Controllers. This is where Lilly blew a minor bit of her Mind. Waggling a halting finger,"Wait one,Sir"?,she leaned forward in her chair,"You created a private pipeline of Controllers"? "Yup. Second Generations for the most part; Kids & Kin of Army ATC's who've already grasped the concepts of Brain-Work,Hard Work,Shift-Work and Teamwork and aren't afraid to face 'em head-on". Lilly persisted a persnickety grin,"Must be nice to pick your own Troops"? I didn't hesitate to correct her,"Your assertion is 180degrees Off-Course. They chose to Serve at Giebelstadt because it's Home to the FAA's Three-Peat Championship Minor-League Team"..... (Currently Listening To : Molly Hatchet : Molly Hatchet)
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