TRP - Newborns & Newbies ~ six

..."Hello! Here I am. Here we are. We are one."....  Unresolved Climaxes up-graded my Sluttish Instincts to occupy Seventh Heaven's Perverted Penthouse Suite when the Helmet became delicately sensitive in the most sexually precarious form that can be applied to the word 'Ticklish'. Hennessy was answering Odette's call to braid her Dark-rooted Blonde tresses into a pair of Reins when I reached out and collected 3 fingertips of creamy excess from Hen's messy Beaver,"HEY"!,then steered them under-thigh for a rugged man-handling of my O-Ring. Raising my left knee so they could get a peek,Hen chuckled lecherously,"Want me to slip over to the Playhouse and pick us up some Toys"? My hyper-reactive,'UM-HMMM'!,underscored Odette's raucous,"Fuck Yeah"!,in near-perfect harmony. Up & on the move,Hen nudged me with a gentle kick,"Spin around so she can see better",scooped up her robe and tacked-on,"Keep sucking dick through the whole move",then padded off..Barefoot. Watching me awkwardly crabbing-around,Odette slipped into a schmoozy whisper,"You must be the most Dedicated man on Earth..Seriously..I've never met anyone who gets so into every-little-thing they do. You're making it easy for me to fall in Love with you". With that sort of sentiment echoing between my ears I made damn-sure Hen's,'the whole move',criteria was satisfied before choreographing a deliberately sleazy,bobbing rise to un-sheathe the boney,"Can you see good,Hun"? Odette burst into a scintillating smile,"Your Asshole looks like a Strawberry Doughnut". I blew a kiss her way,"You made it easy for me to fall in Love with you too,Hun". Shuddering noticeably,Odette's dimpled cheeks flushed pink,"That Ring looks like it hurts"? "Not even close",I assured her on an immoral wavelength,"Popping no nuts has turned me so tender it actually feels better than Climaxing. I've never been this lost in both the giving-And-the taking before". "Show me some more of it then",she challenged with wanton cheekiness,"Drag that spit-line down to your balls". When I promptly swung a sluttish tongue around to polish the helmet Odette shifted to a sultry-smooth voice,"There ya go..Enjoy your nasty self". I paused to counter,"Same goes for you..Reach back there and warm that cute pooter up for me",then took a lusty face-dive into my lap. "God,I DO Love you"!,she gushed a few gasping seconds later when my nose pushed the boyez apart..... (Currently Listening To : David Bowie : Diamond Dogs) 
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