TRP - Ceremony ~ one

..."It's a nice day to start again. It's a nice day for a White Wedding. It's a nice way to start again".... Midnight: Dolled-up in a successful attempt to capture my undivided attention,I thoroughly enjoyed the new Cute & Sexy Costume Heidi 'Strolled down the Aisle' in. Starting at the top; A 'Princess'y Tiara held the Wedding Veil in place over her Wavy Auburn Hairdo. Replacing Tinkerbell's Green Leotard underpinnings were Flowers & Vines of White Lace at Cups & Crotch framing a White Fishnet tummy-panel,string thong emerging from Happy Valley dividing in arches to frame her beauteous gluteus en-route to tying the Wedding Costume together at the sides above the swell of her broad hips. A skimpy White Silk Skirt also rode high on her hips,in-effect appearing more like a Loincloth with every sassily swaying stride Heidi made approaching the Wicker Throne..In her bare feet. I was dressed in a crisp White Shirt,Black Double-breasted Formal Jacket and O'Boyle Kilt over Puss'n'Boots. Best-Man Allison and my 'Wifey' M'Chelle,serving as Heidi's Maid-of-Honor,wore fanciful expressions of White Lingerie in anticipation of our Foursome Honeymoon,while the rest of the Humpaho Wedding-Party were sporting Nighties & etc in anticipation of reclaiming the Playroom and resuming their naughty Sleep-Over when our Ceremony concluded. // Heidi sashayed up beside me,tucked the Rose she was toting into my Lapel,then dropped her right hand to flip up the hem of my kilt and graced the jolley boney with the tight fit of her hot little hand while delivering her Vows in dulcet tones,"I was just aiming to have a little fun with Cum when I fell in Love with You. I was just joking when I Proposed,but you jumped on it so quick it Blew-my-Mind. I never met a guy so willing to please..I know it don't mean shit to the rest of the World,but it does to me",Wifey handed a Gold Cock-Ring to Heidi,which she slipped onto my rising Ardor,"Wherever You go,I Go. I'll do whatever you want,whenever you want me to",then made the stretch to haul Allison in by her Garter Belt and slide her left hand South to spring her Boner free while a goofily giggling Wifey leaned-in to slide a matching Gold Ring onto her pulsating Ardor as Heidi finished,"I Belong To These Dicks"!..... (Currently Listening To : Jethro Tull : Thick As A Brick)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature