TRP - "..Yeah..I'm Totally Sure".

..."Stroke me,stroke me. (STROKE!) Stroke me,stroke me. You got your number down. Stroke me,stroke me. Say you're a winner,but man,you're just a sinner now".... Besides our Audience spouting more boisterous Banter as they got busy prepping for our Tribal Marriage,not much changed for Heidi & I...At first. She was in no mood to escape from our tangle or hasten the pace,gleefully content to watch me manipulate her messy folds through Drenching Climaxes and Flash-Flooding Squirts without pause. Heidi was well past the stretch required to accommodate my whole hand when I slipped her the Left as well in a 'Prayer' configuration with my thumbs pinching-out her glistening nubbins,instantaneously rousing her Netherlands to raise a Carmine Blush the likes of which I'd never seen before. Daintily pumping her pelvis,Heidi wafted contented purrs as she followed my lead and put the boney in a sleazy double-handed wank,"Don't go believin' that Red means 'Stop'". I reached deeper to tickle her cervix,"I'm not aiming to stop anywhere short of this". Shifting to an uber-naughty leer,she commenced pulsing her diaphragm,teasing my fingertip with kiss-like pressures,"Come and get it,then". Catching her off-guard with the first precipitous move I'd made to 'Get it' in one swift go,Heidi screeched and squirmed while gushes of Female Ejaculate splashed her hands rapidly shifting to take my right wrist in vice-like grips as she went to babbling on gusty breaths,"Don't Stop! Don'tstopdon'tstopdon'tstopdon'tstop..Ghaaaaaaah!..Slip that 'Bird' alla way up there,alla way,alla-YEAH!..Haaaaaaagh!...WoW"!! Gasping as her reeling senses slowly recovered,Heidi stared at her trim tummy bulging from the fullness of my fist emoting festive cackles,"Fuckin-A! This is one Helluva Hot Rush"! // It was clear she'd shown no fear when challenging me to,"Come and get it..",but until that moment,when several of the Humpahos began chiming-in with Gyno-Specific jibes & taunts,I had no clue that Heidi had become a 'Fisted Sister' as a means of feeding her Ultimate Fetish for Cervical Insertions. Pushing into her next pulse,I pitted her fully,then curled my finger up,posing a quiet question,"Do you Honestly wanna give this up for Nine Months"? Licking her lips before & after taking a deep breath,Heidi answered on the same mild airwaves,"Carlos didn't want kids and I did and I wasted too much time waiting for him to come around and I'm not getting any younger,so..Yeah..I'm Totally Sure".... (Currently Watching on D-V-R : The Pirates! Band Of Misfits)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature