TRP - 'For a pleasant change-of-pace..'

..."Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet Emooooooooooooooootionnnnnnnnn".... All the Humpahos were getting into the Game that became an Open Challenge,condensing it down to the basic question,'How Freaky can you get'? For a pleasant change-of-pace there were no Judges,Wagers,Winners or Losers..Just a Freak-Fest in search of kicks,giggles & Whore-moans. Heidi Aguirre` was a popular 'Public Figure' with the Lez-be-Friendly crowd who was into sloppy good-times,so I knew something special was in the works when she roughhoused me into a corner of the Love-Seat,then slid over the opposite arm to face me while slumping into a lecherously lazy sprawl. Her first brazen words confirmed it,"Time to squeeze your big'ol Man-Hand up in me",so I started with a gentle diddling of her sparsely-pelted Auburn Beaver that Heidi studied with sparkling eyes while slipping into a Buck-Toothy Grin,"Why'd you make me wait so long"? I flashed her a naughty wink,"You don't gravitate my way very often,y'know". Heidi responded with a goofy nod of assent,"Yeah,I guess I haven't given you much of a chance",then swiftly shifted into a Wanton leer,"Scootch closer so I can play with you,too". // Heidi was accustomed to rougher treatment from the girls,so she reveled in the dawdling pace although she was now in an awkwardly tangled position in order to watch her Wanking aims to pump my palm full of wigglers as her Sex plumped-up around my twisting,3-digit moves to dredge our creamy Juices out for shared Feasting. Feeling a grand one coming on,I pushed into the hollow of my fingers and raised a squirming ruckus with Heidi's Dick-starved Cootch as the boyez tripped the Floodgates. Stammering with the shakes,"G-Goddam H-hot Shots-s-s-sssss"!,she trailed-off with a relaxed hiss as a super-sultry half-lidded gaze rose to meet my eyes,"If you're intendin to knock me up I want a Humpaho Wedding". "I am,so we better get Hitched",I quipped. Flash popped up and skittered away,"I'll fetch the Wedding Gown"!..... (Currently Listening To : Rob Zombie : Hellbilly Deluxe {Explicit Version})
Topics: Incredastory, Mature