TRP - "Nay Fair"!

..."Code Red"!....  Friday,1700 hours: The 'Hunker-Down Party' was a good call,too. There was an unseasonably chilly bite to the air that lent itself to hot Bowls of Chili,hearty Soups,warm Mugs of Spiced Gluhwein and Snuggling around the Fireplace. Most of our 'Weekenders' phoned it in,notable exceptions being the Slut Scouts,who were eager to take their group-purchased '67 'Splitty'(Divided Windshield) VW Pop-Up Camper out for a Christening Road-Trip. I was tending a Pot of Seafood Gumbo when their arrival got the Humpahos who weren't headed to Disney chatting about taking a Convoy of VW Vans to Steg,Liechtenstein over the July 4th Weekend to scope-out the Hideaway Annebelle donated to the Tribe. Allison and Fancy Nancy were keen to get in on that action,cozying-up in the Kitchen to sound-me-out on passing their Disney Vacations on to Humpaho's who hadn't visited the Magic Kingdom. Gidget chimed-in on the same wavelength,adding that she'd prefer her Tickets went to a Euro because Cost & Distance would always be working against them..An unselfish thought that rang true with the Tribe. Bureaucratic time-constraints forced me to toss in a Condition that these were the last Trades that could be made before submitting the Paperwork for Tourist Visa's & assorted Border-Crossing Instruments,which were required to match the Identities on our Airline Tickets,Military Leave Forms and Passports. // The Humpahos were always up for Shenanigans; Though it was far too late to play an actual part of the process,they instigated a competition to determine,'How Freaky would you get to earn a Disney Vacation'? "Nay Fair"!,Peppers carped,"Auntie Flo's payin'er Visit"! I slipped my arm around her waist while bending to whisper,"A Freaky Shower,then,Hun"? Shivering as she turned a twisted smile loose on me,the Redheaded Punker took hold of my hand and stepped-off towing me away,trailed by all manner of euphemistic 'Bloody' Banter being unleashed by the other girls..... (Currently Listening To : U2 : War)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature