The Rake's Progress - Rainy Daze

..."And the Weatherman says something's on the move".... In the Midnight Hour: It had been a good call making the late-night run to Schwabisch Hall. The Aviation Forecast was Shitty,with increasing Shittiness over the Weekend as an approaching Low-Pressure Front stalled-out overhead. I notified the CQ that Friday Morning's PT Formation was cancelled,then phoned Giebelstadt Tower and told the girls to prep the Humpahos & the Playhouse for a Hunker-Down Party before I skipped-out to the Star-Cruiser. My Bodyguards were in a relaxed form of celebratory mood passing the Pype around whereas Lynn was ripe & Nearly ready for a Muscle-Tussle,waiting on me to join her chugging large,super-chilled glasses of Pete's Cactus Juice prior to herding me Aft into the Bedroom. Racing down to our Birthday Suits,Lynn paused to paw the stained Gauze on my left pec,"You haven't changed this dressing all day"? "Been kinda busy,Hun". "Sit ya dumb ass down",she grumbled on her way to fetching the First Aid Kit. Back to perch on my left knee,Lynn beamed me a knowing smile as she began to ease the tape off,"I can't believe how badly Captain Taylor missed the big picture on you. I felt a lot of Pride watching you..",she caught me by surprise and ripped the Dressing away,"..step-up and take Charge like all the new Responsibilities coming your way weren't new at all..Hmm? That's not as bad as I thought it'd be..Anywho,I can only imagine how much easier it'd been if she wasn't constantly fuckin with us"? "I'm satisfied knowing she's gonna be living behind Barbed-Wire for Way Longer than we did,Hun". Lynn's head bobbed slowly,"Y'know,she's acting like there's no Klan Bitches in Leavenworth"? I chuckled heartily,"I was afraid of mentioning that for fear it would break the Spell"...... (Currently Watching on D-V-R : Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature