TRP - Cross & Double-Cross

..."Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing".... It was hard to believe how far Taylor had been willing to go in pursuit of Righting an imaginary Wrong. Except for a few stray cases of Ass-Holy Head-Butting,(see: Shamus Rutherford,'Birdie' Sullivan & etc.)she'd been pulling strings that kept the Pressure on me,and by-extension,The Black Sheep. This went back to Gibelstadt's very beginnings,when a Busted Coke Dealer from the ADA Battery revealed he'd been making some of his best Money selling to the ATC's,so the MP's stormed the Ghetto,hauled the original Black Sheep guys off to the Brig,then licked their chops waiting for the Girls & I to return from Amsterdam. We passed the Muster of K-9's,the girls bought some Leather Work Gloves and we continued to March none-the-wiser that we'd won the opening skirmish of a 3year struggle against the Queen of Trivial Umbrage. This incident gained Taylor `In's` on both sides of the Grunt v/s Klan Racial Divide,and she'd been playing those Dumb Bastards off against one-another to our detriment ever since. It was mostly a matter of advocating Company Punishment to keep a lid on the most rambunctious elements of Grunt-Kind,Confining them to Base until the Pot Boiled-Over. The Klan Sergeant-Majors were content with Taylor's scheme to let 'Nigger Nature' take it's course,creating a Climate of perpetual harassment for all Non-Grunts on Giebelstadt. // They chased us out of the CID Offices at 2300hours. One of the primary reasons we'd hung-around was to hear what Taylor had on Us. 'Nothing But Rumors' is the short answer. She'd kept-up with my Career,growing angrier as I grew a solid reputation,but Taylor had been lax on generalized Intelligence-Gathering and that caused severe friction with the Klan when she was unable to sketch the Reservation or produce a recent Photo of me on any format except Newsprint. Her last chances blown and subsequent Run for the Border a failure,Taylor didn't hesitate to throw the 'Little Black Book' she'd compiled on the Klan to the CID to insure her Self-Preservation. // Puddle-jumping across the parking lot under drizzly rain,I was the lone skeptic boarding the VAB-SAN,finding it hard to believe the Little Black Book contained any 'Actionable Intelligence' that would benefit the Tribe. Jan did some fast talking convincing me that Taylor Obviously had the goods on the Klan in-order to coerce them into joining her Crusade against me. The sense of it brightened my spirits,"Pearly"? "Yeah"? "Feel like driving to Schwabisch Hall tonight so we can Sleep-In Tomorrow Morning"? "Crank-up the Stereo..I'm taking the Autobahn".(Military-Tread Tires get Loud!)..... (Currently Listening To : Led Zeppelin : In Through The Out Door)      
Topics: Incredastory, Mature