TRP - 'Casual Malignancy'

Santana : Song Of The Wind : playz.... Taylor had no way of knowing what the FBI had on her,which was precisely why I pitched that Knuckleball without bothering to question her Motives. I was hoping that her Arrest by the FBI would imply that we'd been a step ahead of her from the get-go,turning my threats into a very likely scenario if her Confession wasn't fully Forthright. Contrarywise,Taylor knew the CID was basically 'Clueless',which subjected Major Baselton to insufferable measures of condescending braggadocio as she gleefully goaded him by repeatedly offering properly formatted Questions to him so that she Could fully expose every scheming action she'd taken against me stretching back to Thanksgiving '79,when she copped a severely indignant attitude because I was invited to Dine with the Training Brigade Commander,Major-General Mary Clark..An old friend of the Family. Shocked by the inane pettiness that inaugurated Taylor's Vendetta,I was on the verge of storming out of the Viewing Room when Lynn Moss moved behind my chair and began massaging my neck & shoulders,"Cool your Jets,Flyboy. Taylor's acting like a Bond-Villain,but that Bitch ain't nothing better than the Coyote chasing the Road-Runner". Chuckling,"Beep-Beep",I patted her hand,"If we're gonna stick around for the whole show we best make a run for munchies before the Snack Bar Closes". // It was odd listening to the Author of so many woes recounting the History of harassment & hostility she'd been orchestrating against me broaden to encompass my friends. Fresh angers welled-up in me divining Taylor's lack of Conscience when she recalled the Efficiency of utilizing Nevins' Death to propagandize many MP's into believing I was a Cop-Killer worthy of Back-Alley-Justice to overcome the 'Leverage' that was protecting me from Prosecution. This was the Poison that spread like a Contagion when I/We began to get the better of Egotistical and/or Moronic MP's at Ft.Hood,Ft.Rucker and Various European Outposts. This was the Poison that eventually eroded Military Police integrity to the point of committing Rape,Riot,Sedition and Attempted Murder. Lynn Moss was wrong about one thing; Taylor was not acting. She possessed the Casual Malignancy of a Bond-Villain. 'Scorched Earth' mean nothing to her except another chance to burn me in the Process..... (Currently Listening To : Molly Hatchet : Molly Hatchet) 
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