TRP - 'Playing Catch' / Offense

..."(Jeux sans frontieres..Jeux sans frontieres..Jeux sans frontieres) Hans plays with Lotte,Lotte plays with Jane,Jane plays with Willie,Willie's happy again. Suki plays with Leo,Sasha plays with Britt,Adolf builds a bonfire,Enrico plays with it. Whistling tunes we hide in the dunes by the Seaside. Whistling tunes we piss on the Goons in the Jungle".... The Polizei wouldn't join the chase,but they didn't mind 'Playing Catch'. Jessica-One phoned-in the successful Arrest Report while the Bee was being refueled by Christoph Life-Flight Services; The Red Targa did make it to the Schwinningen Tankstelle,where the Ghost was apprehended & held by the Polzei for the few minutes it took the Jessica's to land on the Emergency Helipad,jog over to the scene and accept Custody of U.S.Army Captain Dinah Taylor..Former Commander of Delta Company,2nd Battalion,2nd Training Brigade at Ft.McClellan,AL during the time-frame when Nevins & Lynn Moss served as Drill-Sergeants and Bell Jones & I were attending Basic Training. Pondering the News caused my head to ache as if God was running a Wire-Whisk through my brain. Half a cup of Coffee and 2 chain-smoked Lucky Strikes later Baselton phoned-in the Informational Tylenol; Captain Taylor was the Chief Internal Affairs Investigator for MP's serving in the European Theater,"..That means she's got the dirt on Everybody toting a Military Badge..Hell,maybe even me for all I know"? "That kinda influence makes twisting arms a helluva lot easier",I mused solemnly,"Reckon I should be thanking God she's so clumsy with Tactical Maneuvers". "Amen",Baselton intoned,"I'll keep you informed. Do Not Come Here Looking For Answers..Savvy"!? "Yeah,me savvy-savvy". // By 1900hours Baselton had changed his tune. He phoned the Reservation,asking me to come in and loosen Captain Taylor's tongue; She was sitting firm,unwilling to talk to the CID until she'd had her say with me. I didn't like the games Taylor had been playing,and it galled me harshly that she still maintained a measure of control over the proceedings now that she'd fundamentally 'Lost'. I was not in a charitable mood when I was ushered into the Interrogation Room and saw her take on the aspects of a smirking Monkey,so I went straight into Offense,airing the cruelest tones I could muster,"If a comprehensive Admission of your attacks on me doesn't land on my Desk by 1600hundred hours tomorrow,AND,if that Report varies One Iota from the Information provided to me by the FBI,my Attorneys will purchase all the outstanding Debts held by your Family. From Grannies-to-Grand-Kids that haven't been born yet,I will haunt your Bloodline with Economic Warfare all the way to their Graves". My anger enjoyed witnessing Taylor's sighing deflation,"Yeah...No doubt you're Bastard enough to pull-off something Sleazy-Legal like that. Go on,get the fuck out'a here and send the CID back in". I paused at the half-open door to sink a final Barb,"You should've Sued your Plastic Surgeon for Malpractice". She made a wee-shrug,"He did a decent job on my Tits". "No he didn't"..... (Currently Listening To : Marillion : Season's End)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature