TRP - "Well"? "All's Well",

..."(La-lala lala-laaaaa) When your hot,you're hot"!.... One of the Scouts found a Red Targa with US Plates at Bad Mergentheim's Tankstelle.(Autobahn Fuel/Rest Area about 50km South of Wurzburg.) Suspicions ran high-to-certain it was The Red Targa when they amplified the Report stating a Hot Blonde matching the Rank Captain's description of the Ghost-Colonel slid behind the wheel and was now hauling ass Southbound on the E-70. It was the term 'Hauling Ass' that meshed gears in my noggin. The Jessica's had completed their mission to Wurzburg and were currently en-route to Schwabisch Hall. I diverted the Bee towards the Autobahn with Orders to 'Buzz' the Targa,then remain within Plain Sight,the focus being to Panic the Ghost; A desperately heavier foot on the Porsche's accelerator meant that she'd be required to make another pit-stop for Gas before reaching the Swiss Border. Palumbo beamed me a twisted smile,"Wanna get in on the chase"? "Negative",I returned firmly,"They need to concentrate on making that Arrest..We need to get to Giebelstadt so I can pick up some more Bodyguards". Repeating,"Some More Bodyguards"!?,his smile took on a wry aspect,"What the Hell you got machinating behind-the-scenes,Woof"? "I'm a Shit-Magnet". Palumbo seemed stuck in a repeating rut,"Shit Magnet"? "I'm a Positively-charged asshole Negatively-charged assholes Can't Resist..Dial-in 1-4-2-point-0-5 as soon as we clear with Gieb'..Break..Giebelstadt Tower,Cayuse-072,leading a flight of Three making a U-Turn at Waldurn Inbound to the Grass Strip at Darstadt". "Cayuse-072,Giebelstadt Tower..." // Jan,Pearly and our gear were aboard 072. Cassie & Dana rode with our 'Wingmen',offering them a few minutes of flirtatious Banter en-route to Schwabisch Hall. The Bee was well out of radio-range,but Stuttgart Reported that their VLATME was tracking them doing 140knots(160mph) 200feet AGL(Above Ground Level) approximately 60miles North of the Swiss Border. Jan keyed-up the intercom,"Well"? "All's Well",I responded cheerfully,"At the rate she wasting Gas the Ghost might not make it to the Tankstelle at Schwenningen".(15miles from the Border-Checkpoint as Singen.).... (Currently Listening To : Cream : Disraeli Gears)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature