The Rake's Progress - 'Shell Game'

..."I get by with a little help from my friends".... I was outside taking a Smoke Break when Palumbo ambled over from the Flight-Line asking what was delaying our Departure. I gave him as much truth as I dared,leading him to lend us his Office,which was equipped with a Speaker-Phone. Once we'd made the move Baselton could conduct & Tape his own Inquiry,which sped-up the process immensely. About the only thing the Rank Captain didn't know was the Ghost-Colonel's name. She handed over a box of Matches from the Gasthaus they'd stayed at in Bad Kissingen(12miles North of Schweinfurt) then commenced to share every physical description possible down to details of Shoe Size and Name-Brand of Perfume the Ghost wore. She was also fairly well versed on fancy wheels and provided details on a number of custom features that made the Ghost's Red Porsche 911 Targa stand out from the Herd. No plans had been made. They spoke to no one else except the Owner & Waitress at the Gasthaus. The Rank Captain claimed she wasn't aware I was involved until the Ghost sent her to hassle me at Base Ops..With the promise of earning $20,000 and a ride to the Swiss Border. Baselton cut-in at that point,"Got your BV(Ballistic/Bullet-Proof Vest) on,Woof"? "I didn't at the time,but I do now". // Working on the assumptions that the Rank Captain's mission was to Identify me for a Shooter,and that task had failed when Jessica-Two KO'd her inside Flight Ops,we schemed a 'Shell Game' to get me out of Schweinfurt after the Gate-Guards reported that the Red Targa had left Conn Barracks long ago. As it was also assumed that Anti-Aircraft Fire would have been easier to accomplish when the brightly-colored Bumble Bee was low & slow during approach to Landing,there seemed to be little risk involved in allowing the Jessica's to make a public show of marching the Rank Captain out to the Bee for transportation to Wurzburg. Minutes after their safe departure Cayuse 072 was placed on Castors and shuffled into a pack of 7 Cayuse's assembling on the North Sod receiving Pre-Flight Checks by Ground-Crews prior to Starting Engines. I was shuffled-in with Palumbo & 14 of his Scout Pilots,Helmets on & Visors down as we jogged across the grass dodging whirling Rotors to mount-up for a Take-Off in Formation. Once clear of Schweinfurt's Control-Zone Palumbo sprung a surprise on me when he kept a pair of Cayuses as Escorts and sent the rest of them out along the Autobahn's hunting Red Targas with American License Plates..... (Currently Listening To : STARZ : Coliseum Rock)     
Topics: Incredastory, Mature