TRP - 'Some next-level Shit..'

..."Watching the Detectives"....  There were plenty of questions surrounding the Rank Captain's appearance at Schweinfurt; First and Foremost was the undeniable fact that she was Not in Kaiserslautern's Brig awaiting her Courts-Martial. The remaining questions took on greater significance after Major Baselton ascertained that she'd been released the Evening before to the Custody of a Female Lieutenant-Colonel that did not exist. Forged CID Credentials & Paperwork presented by the Ghost-Colonel to secure the Rank Captain's release sparked angry & prideful responses from legitimate CID Agents in Baselton's Bureau,who commenced Hound-Dogging every Clue they could unearth. For the now,the Rank Captain was remanded to FBI Custody until we received the Green-Light to deliver her to Wurzburg. // As the sole sources of my Flight-Schooling's day-by-day scheduling decisions,it didn't take Sherlock Holmes to conclude that the supposedly 'Secure' Phone & FAX lines at my HQ had been compromised. Baselton thought it best if I were to Report the Lapse in Security to V-Signal Command before he called to request their Assistance with his Investigation. NATO TOP-SECRETS were transmitted over those Lines,compelling the automatic pressing of 'Panic Buttons' at V-Sig; Some next-level Shit was Flash-Flooding downhill and the worst thing We had to deal with was the Rank Captain's refusal of her Right to remain Silent..Our combined note-taking skills were having a tough time keeping-up with her loose lips..... (Currently Listening To : Bad Company : Bad Company)    
Topics: Incredastory, Mature