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..."Taking to the sky to save me. Looking for a sign of life. Looking for something to help me burn out bright. Looking for a complication. Looking 'cause I'm tired of trying. Make my way back home when I learn to fly high.".... Thursday,16 June,0745hours: Starting with the Pentagon's Approval of my request to base the Earning of my Military Wings on 'Civilian Acquired Skills',the last 10 days I'd been Enrolled in an odd sort of Correspondence Course; Evey Afternoon the Rotary-Wing Flight School at Ft.Rucker,AL would FAX me a list of Reference Materials,Study Guides,Work-Sheets & etc,and the next Morning Chief-Warrant-Three Palumbo,11 ACR's(Armored Calvary Regiment) Primary Inspector-Pilot would check-in with me by phone to Oral-Quiz me on a few salient tidbits to gauge whether I'd been studying properly before FAX'ing me a Copy of the pertinent Exam,which I'd generally return to him by Lunch..Shuffle the Chapter,Repeat the Process..The Book-Learning was done and Palumbo was sporting a kooky grin taking the pass of my Logbook when I arrived at Schweinfurt in the Bumble-Bee for my Flight-Check on the OH-6 I'd been Promised by the 11 ACR's Commanding Officer at the AAA-Convention in March,"How many hours you got in that"? "About 120 with the Bee and 70 more on another Civilian Model at Ft.Hood. It's close to an even-split between Training on Emergency Procedures in the Traffic-Pattern and Cross-Country Flights". Palumbo began flipping through my Log,"Who's Been conducting your Training on the Cayuse"? "Three Pilots from the FBI". "They got names"? "Jessica Bond Double-O-One,Jessica Bond Double-O-Two and Jessica Bond Double-O-Three". He shot me an evil-eye,"Are you fuckin with me"? I pointed them out for him,"Over there..Headed for the Snack-Bar". Palumbo studied the Triplets for a moment,"O-Kaaayyy. You earn full-marks for dealing with Distractions in the Cockpit".  // 3hours & 30minutes of Concentrated Flying later I was Escorted to Flight Ops by a Dozen Scout Pilots who hazed me with hollers & jostles as I struggled to close-out my Student Flight Plan,then formed-up in Two Ranks outside to witness Palumbo hand over my Certification and pin the Wings on my Flight Suit before they swarmed-in to 'Blood' me by punching the bare pegs of those Rookie Wings into my chest. A few Congratulatory minutes after my He-Manly Initiation I was back in Flight Ops signing the Paperwork that Transferred OH-6a Serial Number 69-16072 to the 59th ATC Battalion as a Liaison Aircraft. That Business concluded,Jessica-One & I were filling out Flight-Plans to Schwabisch Hall when Jessica-Two yelped,"You Fuckin Bitch"!,took two long strides and landed a haymaker that dropped the Rank Captain to an unconscious heap on the deck. Spouting,"Holy Fuck"!,the Flight Service Spec-4 leaped the counter and began to issue her cheeks wee-slaps,"Captain?..Captain"? Jessica-Two sniggered,"You're gonna wanna wash those hands". He raised her a sketchy look,"Hunh"? "That Slut has more Venereal Diseases than a Medical Encyclopedia"...... (Currently Listening To : Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers : Damn The Torpedoes) 
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