TRP - 7 + 11 / 'The Deal'

..."Remember when you were young..And you shone like the Sun".... Time was short and the Drills were involved. On the belief that Advertising for Volunteers would unleash a flood of insincere Vacation-Seekers,my original plan was to Draft winners of the 59th's Soldier & NCO of the Month/Quarter/Year Boards to form the Honor Guards; The Sergeant-Major raised objections noting that some of them were fantastic at Book Learning and/or Polishing Brass,but displayed definite signs of 'Stage Fright' when facing pressure. Asking Joe to edit the list to those he trusted to get the Job done left us with 7 Solid Candidates and his advice,"..that's enough Diversity to placate the Battalion..",and the remaining 11 Slots should be filled by Black Sheep & etc I trusted to get the Job done. The dead-eye look he beamed me when I placed His name atop My list roused me to quip,"Don't consider yourself Trustworthy,Sergeant-Major"? He grumbled,"I'll talk to ya 'bout it when I'm just plain-old 'Joe',Sir". // When delivering the News to Lynn Moss that she'd been tapped to Train & Lead one of the Honor Guards she sprouted a lecherous smile and poked my chest,"You owe me Big-Time for this one". "A'Right,Hun..What are your Terms"? "You - Alone - Now...No - Interruptions",she intoned crisply. "Deal"!,I nodded just as crisply. "Heh! That's not the Deal,Loverboy",Lynn smirked while landing an underhanded swat that goaded me into motion,"That's just the Deal you make on the way to making a Deal". Lynn Officially called Dibs on me and the Love Nest when we entered the Playhouse; Rare claims that the Humpahos let pass articulating but a few assorted 'Hmm's & 'Ooh's before they began passing me around for Smoochie-Time and turned a spate of encouraging 'Drill The Drill-Sergeant'-themed jibes loose in my ear. // Lynn enjoyed a slight measure of self-torture by keeping a lid on her passions while the High Tides of Anticipation rose within her. Second only to that minor Kink were the thrills she felt when I interrupted her waiting-game because My High Tides were governed by a Wilder Moon; Typically,the sight of hers. Lynn possessed a very fine middle-aged behind and when the opportunity presented itself I enjoyed raising my own Ardor watching her putting it in motion while tending Garden in the Nude. The Ambushes that ensued were rough & tumble affairs expending high levels of energy in pursuit of Lynn's most cherished desires to be consumed by my Primitive Passions. // We were still in Uniform when we sequestered ourselves in the Love-Nest with a couple of baskets of Munchies. Thrumming densely,"There ya go",when I reached-around to unfasten the belt & fly of her BDU britches,Lynn made a sharp bend pushing the Cammo & her undies down,hissing,"Yessssssssss"!,when I helped myself to a tongue-swirling collection of Dew from her fuzzy Beaver prior to tackling the tasty leak at it's source. She managed to remove her right Boot before shaky legs forced her to brace-up,that quivering image belying the lusty growls of a Lioness laying-out the Ball-Slapping Bylaws of 'The Deal' she was rapidly becoming fixated on; A Honeymoon-esque Weekend following 17 days of Field-Maneuvers(Celibacy) during 'Reforager '83' in Mid-September. Chirping,"Agreed",I spanked her haunch,spat on my palm and held it out. Chuckling as she made the awkward bends to complete the 'Spit-Swear',Lynn backed into me wriggling her tail feathers,"Now for the Test-Drive"..... (Currently Listening To : Pink Floyd : Wish You Were Here)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature