TRP - Honors

Van Halen : Tora! Tora! Tora! : playz.... 1535hours: Allison knew better than to release my HQ's Phone Number to outsiders,so she relayed the Number given to her by a Disney Executive. Realizing it was odd for an 'Executive' to be at work before 8am,EST,I dialed-direct and in a rapid-fire series of Phone-Tag transfers,I was being asked if I had any concerns being placed on 'Speaker' to participate in a Meeting with the Director of Entertainment for Special Events. Approving the move,the next voice I heard identified himself as,"..AL..",then introduced me to the other disembodied voices at the table(Gary,Peggy,Nigel,Paul & Andrea) before cutting straight to the chase,"..We were wondering if you could assemble a pair of Honor-Guards to Raise and Lower the Flags at the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT on Independence Day"? "I hope no one minds if I smoke"?,I jibed to kill time,weighing the options during their polite laughter,"I agree on the sole condition that they be announced as Winners of the Trophy for Outstanding Army Aviation Unit of 1982". "Nothing else"?,Al inquired. "Maybe a Locker-room so they can change into and out-of Uniform? You folks have been more than generous and offering us this Honor makes it worth the additional Spit & Polish. I've got a Former Drill Sergeant who's gonna make sure every move is as sharp as sharp can be". "Niiiice",Al chuckled softly,"I'm told you enjoy browsing our Surplus-Yard. Don't miss it during your visit". "Thanks for the advice,Sir..And the Big Patriotic Nod. You can trust us to kick America's Birthday Party off to a righteous start". Peggy's voice chimed-in,"Sir,the Major's Birthday is the Fifth of July". "Really"?,Al mused. "Yes Sir",she continued,"A Hundred seats have been Reserved in Germany's Biergarten and.." "AND you're spoiling somebody's Surprise-Party",I interjected smoothly. "..Oh,I am SO Sorry"! "Not a problem,Peg. I'm a fair Actor when the need arises"..... (Currently Listening To : The Police : Regatta de Blanc)
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