TRP - Shuffling the Deck

..."I'm Free! I'm Free! And I'm waiting for you to follow me"!.... The Weekend shindig had also served as a 'Job Fair',placing the windfall of Controllers & Technicians freed from the Nuke Sites in contact with Facility & Section Chiefs needing to address Personnel Shortages. Approving what was a basically an equitable division of Labor led my HQ Staff into a busy Monday Morning cutting Orders,compiling their Files for Transfer and arranging Transportation to new Duty Assignments. Giebelstadt gained Spec-4 Gary Coker,a Radio Repairman from Crailshiem who was ecstatic with the Change-of-Status that allowed his Pregnant Wife to join him for the remaining Year of his European Tour. Also Recruited by Lynn Moss was Spec-5 Tony Pence,a Radar & Nav-Aids Technician who was simply ecstatic to be Paroled from 'The Gulag' at Goerpingen. 'Freed','Paroled' & 'The Gulag' are not my Literary Constructs; They're the words of my Troops who were getting screwed royally because the Host Units were divided into Teams that rotated through the Sites every three days and they were stuck there catching 1-day-in-5 off in a regular rotation that sucked on many levels,including the minute inspection of their Persons & every item they brought onto Post. In the singular case of Goerpingen,Liquor & Pornography were on the Contraband List. It struck me in terms of a foreign concept when I learned that the Weekend Shindig was the first opportunity many of them had to Party with their Buds. I didn't want to usurp Facility Authority,so I sent a Teletype out to all Receiving Units Authorizing up to 14 days 'PCS Leave'(Permanent Change of Station) if local conditions allowed..... (Currently Listening To : Electric Light Orchestra : Eldorado)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature