TRP - Here & There ~ nine

..."I said,'Hey!(Hey!) You!(You!) Get off'a my cloud'"!.... They'd been given plenty to ponder and plenty of time to ponder it,so the Posse's continued silence prompted the opening Bets on the Submarine Races. Within a few minutes many willing hands had pitched-in to prepare the 6 Contestants,hoods,hatch-backs & trunks open,windows down & transmissions shifted into Neutral,each connected to a Dodge 3/4ton across the Bog by lengths of Barge-Towing-Hawser securely 'Bowlined' around their rear axles by my own hands,stood poised along the Farmer's Road to Giebelstadt waiting for me to fire the starting gun..Through the Camaro's radiator,and 4 more before they Submerged,raising Raucous Cheers among those who'd Wagered '5' in the Pool.(Alibi: That K-Car Station Wagon {LeBaron?} didn't even attempt to float!) Still defiantly silent when the Black Blobs emerged from the Bog,finishing-order 3-2-6-4-1-5,and,having taken,"We were Drunk",as far as that excuse would stretch,it was time to call in the Polizei. We weren't aware of it at the time,but this was the cruelest move we'd made. 11 members of the All-White Posse had Confederate Flag Patches in their Wallet's picture sleeves,fairly forcing the Polizei to classify their Trespassing & Felony-Assault upon the Party as 'Hate Crimes',which effectively denied the Posse protections of the Status Of Forces Agreement. The German Authorities had them pegged as Klansmen and weren't going to give them back to the U.S.Army anytime soon,and when they did,they'd all be facing additional charges of being Absent Without Leave for the time spent in German Custody. // Colonel Harmon was still at Schwabish Hall Investigating the MP's,and was incensed to hear the News-Flash that 19 of them had received what was conjectured to be Klan assistance slipping from his clutches to perpetrate a Raid on the Reservation. As soon as he was able to verify the information I'd provided with the Polizei Harmon had the justification required to remove the 'Kid Gloves',so he locked the MP Barracks down air-tight,then placed every Court-Reporter in VII Corps on Alert with Orders to bring their Polygraph Machines to Schwabisch Hall..... (Currently Listening To : Aerosmith : Toys In The Attic) 
Topics: Incredastory, Mature