TRP - Here & There ~ eight

..."Checkmate honey,beat you at your own damn game. No dice honey,I'm living on an Astral Plane. Feet's on the ground and your head's going down the drain. Oh,heads I win,tails you lose to the never mind..When I draw the line".... 1715hours: I was not there to see the Brawl in the Beer Tent,but from all accounts the 'Posse' of 19 MP's from Schwabisch Hall instantly regretted Charging into overwhelming odds wielding Baseball Bats. Pummeled by flying Beer Mugs as the angry crowd closed-in around them,they failed to fight their way out of the Danger Zone and paid for their Arrogant Attack with a few Broken Bones,many Bruises & copious amounts of spilled Blood. Corralled and held at Gunpoint by my Bodyguards when I arrived on the scene,they'd refused to answer any questions until I shook and held firm to a young Trooper's broken right hand,yelling over the top of his anguished screams,"BEST START SQUAWKING BEFORE MORE OF YOU ASSHOLES SOUND LIKE THIS LITTLE BITCH"! A voice was quickly raised in protest,"You can't treat us like this"! I released the clasp,advancing on the Protester while broadcasting on Malevolent airwaves,"You are facing Charges of Aiding-and-Abetting a Mutineer..I want to know who released you from Confinement and I don't give a fuck how much you have to suffer before I get that information". The Protester met my eye with a vicious scowl,"Fuck You"! I laid him out with a Boot upside the head,"You Idiots don't seem to be getting the message,so let me explain it using simple words; Talk Or Hurt..The choice is up to you". Sneering,"Hold on. There's more than one way to hurt a guy,Woof",Cobra-227 tossed me a set of Car Keys,"Those go to a tricked-out '77 Camaro..How 'bout we open it up and drag it through the Mud-Bog"? "Good call",I lauded before improving on his idea,"But trashing one guy's Car won't motivate the rest of these Assholes to talk..Line 'em all up for the Submarine Races". "Do it and you're a dead Motherfucker",one of the MP's growled. I slapped him soundly en-route to leaving the Corral,"The only thing you're going to be killing is time spent behind bars". "Yeah,well they can't keep me there forever",he returned on haughty airs. I'd had enough of it and decided to drop the Big Bomb on their delusions,"Are any of you are aware that Colonel Overby committed Suicide because Your Hero,Captain Edmonton,was fooling-around with a new Booty Buddy"? The recently slapped MP carped,"That's a load of Bullshit"! "You couldn't be more wrong"!,Jan pitched-in venomously,"Edmonton knew it was only a matter of time before his Secret was exposed and concocted the whole sorry episode so he could go out in a Blaze of Imaginary Glory..And it didn't matter how many of you Hero-Worshiping Morons had to Burn with him"..... (Currently Listening To : Joe Jackson : I'm The Man)
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