TRP - Here & There ~ seven

..."The way you fit into your outfit is driving me crazy".... Laughing coarsely at first sight of Allison naked,upon closer examination Freya double-clutched at what she'd originally surmised to be the results of clever Sex-Toy Technology,then moved swiftly to dismiss clever Surgery and began plying my Genuinely Gender-Bent Wife with questions. While they were distracted Angelica towed me to the Bar,where I had to answer quiet queries concerning her Mom,who'd pretty-much told her Daughter all she needed to know except why she was so determined to match us up. Angelica held a skeptical attitude as she stood at the threshold of entering Freakville,but I honestly had no part to play in the summoning of her to deal with Sofia's troubles,and didn't dare to offer any opinions on the motivations behind her Mother's actions beyond those seeking to stop the Pervy Swim Coach. Sensing the truth of it,Angelica laid a smacky kiss on my cheek and shifted into a screwy smile,"Is that bottle of Absinthe only for show"? "Nope. The bottle on the shelf is for people who prefer it warm..I like it cold,so there's another in the short Refrigerator". Angelica rounded the Bar,pulled out the cold one and proceeded to follow the proper procedures for the slow-pour to melt a cube of Sugar into our 4oz 'Shooters',passed me festive wink over the rim of hers on the rise,glibly Toasted,"Fuck the Green Fairy"!,and downed it with a wee-wincing,"Ghah"! Missing the meaning of our quiet pow-wow's sudden outburst,Fancy Nancy quipped,"Ooh-OOh-OOH! I wanna dress-up like Tinkerbell,too"!,as she scampered out of bed,sending Angelica a appraising question,"I'm guessing Euro-size 40"?(= US-size 8) "Ja..Hunh?..Wait,wait,wait..Oooh-HEY"!,Angelica snapped out of waving it off,skipped over to the Shrank,plucked the hanger from Nancy's hand and held the Costume up to check out her reflection in the door's full-length mirror,"This IS Cute"! Nancy wasted no time pointing me out,giggling,"Peter's peter is already giving you a Standing Ovation". // Although all of the Voluptuous Blondes surrounding me bore equal shares of stoking my Primitive Instincts,Angelica possessed the finest behind among them and watching her put it in skipping-motion placed me in the proper head-space to catch a Righteous Rush from the extra-large shot of Absinthe; I felt the Land-Shark rising from the depths of my Psyche to take the Amazonian Bait and I was in no mood to rein-in that Beastie. Catching Angelica in the act of struggling with the Costume's zipper,I un-cupped her breasts,placed a firm left hand on her tummy and croaked,"Suck it in",just prior hauling it up to the stops. Parking my lips at her ear,I faintly chided,"Size Forty-Six",while my hands rose to maul her nipples stiff. Settling back onto me blasting Feral Pants,pelvis pitching & rolling on the boney's gliding strokes Scouting her feverish Netherlands for the impending Invasion,Angelica shot a wink at our reflection airing a passionate gust,"Fuck the Green Fairy"!..... (Currently Listening To : David Bowie : Diamond Dogs)   
Topics: Incredastory, Mature