TRP - Here & There ~ six

..."She's a whole lotta Woman! A whole lotta Woman! Whole lotta Rosie"!.... Exiting the Bathroom to find Allison,Fancy Nancy & M'Chelle lounging on the bed Freya gasped,"Sheisse",and shuffled to hide behind me. Hearing chuckles rising from our left,she turned to face Angelica & Melinde at the Bar,copping a sassy pose,"Ja,So"? "Sie wunchen alle uns ihren Stamm verbinden"(They want all of us to join their Tribe.),Melinde responded through a wry smile,"Alle Wir Zusammen".(All Of Us Together.) Freya cast a quick glance towards the bed,sported haughty airs and taunted,"Werden sie vorbereitet,so waghalsig zu sein"?(Are you prepared to be so adventurous? {to face such challenges?}) Tossing a solid measure of boldness back at her,Angelica drummed the Phone with her fingernails,"Sicher genug,es mit Walter abzubrechen".(Sure enough to break it off with Walter.) Echoing,"Sicher Genug"!?(Sure Enough !?),as a question which received an instant,brisk nod,Freya placed her hands together and cackled,"Denken Sie Gott..Den wir nicht auf mehr beanstandungen uber DIESER Meise Lage horen mussen"!(Thank You God..We won't have to listen to any more complaints about THAT Lousy Lay!) // I knew a wicked prank was underway when I tasted Allison's sweet jizz Smooching Angelica & Melinde en-route to cramming into my Bathroom for Chores. I went through the Mix-Tapes,dropped 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' in the Cassette Deck,pressed play & auto-return,then danced a little shimmy-shake to the Titled Tune which raised a lecherous smile on Freya as she reached for the bouncing boney. She put up no fuss when I rolled her onto her back,scootching to hang her head off the mattress mouthing the last wrinkles from my ardor while my elbows slipped inside her knees to cant her broad hips up,catering to any 69'ing whim that might possess me. Freya whispered a slight change of aspect,thrumming dulcet purrs when my hands placed pressure behind her knees,wrenching her pelvis past vertical. On a sudden gasp,she clutched my bunz and hauled me in for a persistently gagging struggle that milked a gusher from me before I had a chance of exercising any measures of self-control. Panting,"Retten sie mich einige"(Save me some.),I released Freya's knees and dropped to mine. Engaging her in a sloppily inverted Soul-Kiss roused her to a feverish pitch of aiding & abetting my Cannibalistic Fetish while her purrs morphed into Feral Growls. Not waiting for me to finish her Dental tongue-bath,Freya spat me out,spouting,"Stehen sie oben"!(Stand Up! {over me}) "Achtung"!,I jibed on the bounce back to my feet,returned pressure to her knees and homed-in on the glistening puddle of arousal forming in the obscenely Pink parting of her upturned Sex..While Freya entered the Second-Round playing no gagging games..... (Currently Listening To : Blondie : Parallel Lines)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature