TRP - Here & There ~ five

..."(Whoah-oh here she comes.) Watch out Boy,she'll chew you up. (Whoah-oh here she comes.) She's a Maneater".... Apparently gabby Stoners shared more factual information than gabby Rumor Mongers. What was learned while passing Hashpypes allowed Freya to bridge a few reality-gaps between the gossip she'd heard earlier and her own observations,tweaking her conscience to offer me an Apology while tickling her Horniest Hormones to tack 'Sex' onto it,intending to Earn her way into,"..Fort Humpaho".(Which was a term clever enough to make me wish one of us had coined it.) She thought my feelings concerning the possibility of her suffering from Morning-After Regrets were a sweet misread,but Freya was not particularly interested in Sweetness; She was a big girl with big appetites that required more time & effort to satisfy than most guys were willing to invest. Gone squirmy during my flirtatiously bantered riposte offering,"..Langfristige Investition.."(Long-Term Investment) in her punctuated by a boldly copped feel,Freya's smouldering smile pushed at her flushed cheeks as she hauled me between her stocky thighs,sprung the boney free and swapped hands emoting a naughty blend of Schoolyard giggles & Wantonly articulate Whore-Moanal outbursts. // Time was not on our side regarding the cold,hard Granite Freya was perched on behind the Waterfall's misty curtain. The remedy to her aching butt was a bit of a stretch to reach in a single breath,but the Mermaid in Freya was up to the challenge and took the plunge,following my Submarine approach to the Man Cave's Patio. I went over the railing first and hung the Pool Ladder from it. Scanning around to note that no one was paying us particular attention,I waved Freya up,playfully swatted her through the sliding glass door,tackled her onto the bed,snatched her bikini down and commenced kneading the stony ripples from her fleshy bunz. Swinging a lewdly skewed grin over her shoulder,Freya began a taunting Monologue recounting highlights from the Summer she'd spent between High-School Graduation and start of Freshman Year in Amsterdam as,"..Gekennzeichnetes Fetthaltinges.."(Featured Fatty) at a Prestigious Bordello. Interrupting her just once at that point to opine,"Sie gaben gewicht seit demasls verloren"({I can tell} You've lost weight since then.),Freya adopted a mellower attitude as she proceeded to relate some of her raunchiest encounters in terms of 'Freudian Philosophy' relative to her Customers And Herself..... (Currently Listening To : Santana : Caravanserai)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature