TRP - Here & There ~ four

..."Low life,high life,oh,let's go. Take me down to Junior's Farm".... Apart from avowed aims to make the Swim Coach pay for preying on Younglings,the Activists were essentially College Co-Eds out on a Road Trip,so it came as no surprise when they decided to stick around and have some fun. I couldn't help but notice the half-Acre of side-boobs Freya displayed from the margins of her Wilde Beaver Fever Tank Top when returning the Amphi-Cat she'd been driving around the Track. The Zaftig Blonde went giggly when she stumbled while climbing out. Bloodshot eyes were another indication she'd made a Pit-Stop at Camp Stoner,and in short-order I was facing a very conflicted boggle when Freya got up in my face quietly demanding what amounted to 'Apology Sex' while shimmying out of her shorts. I was initially relieved to glimpse the Brightly Flowered Bikini she wore under,although it eventually added unfortunate weight to my consternation as the pillowy bulge of her Beaver tweaked my Favorite Fetish. Freya was obviously 'Stoned to the Bone' and I felt fears that she was making a mindless rush towards Regrets that would not be conducive to maintaining friendly relations with the Activists. There had been no doubts in my mind that winning-over these 3 sharp,fledgling Lawyers as Allies was a worthy pursuit...Until Freya's sexual determination arose to cast long,dark shadows over my visions of a happy future free from Legal Entanglements. Another unfortunate factor boggling my noggin concerned the scrutiny drawn to us by the bold frankness of the lusty,busty Blonde making her move on me before Scores of Witnesses; Some of the eyes focused on us were bound to be tainted by the Green-eyed Monsters of Envy,and I was in no mood to offer those covetous beasties leverage that could be used against me. I hearkened to Freya's Bikini-bottom as the most likely path out of my quandary,calculating that the Cold Shower effect of a dip in the Quarry would do us both a world of good while,Hopefully,appearing to be a natural by-product of shucking her shorts. // I did not figure on Freya being a 'Mermaid'..Or any other species of outdoorsy girl. Gone pouty when I fended-off her Submarine Seduction until hearing my reasoning for not launching an Extramarital Affair within sight of my Troops,Freya spanned into a frisky smile prior to challenging me to meet her behind the Waterfall's curtain,then,without waiting for my reply,paddled away on her back in the manner of an Otter while stripping away her WBF Tank Top..... (Currently Listening To : Gary Hoey : Monster Surf)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature