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..."This Town is our Town. This Town is so glamorous that you'd live here if you could and be one of us".... The more people we knew,the stronger our web of connections became. Irritated by the tale of Sofia's lecherous Swim Coach until thoughts of it chafed,Helen shared it over the phone with her Daughter Angelica,a Third-Year Law Student on a Tuition Plan obligating her to 4 years of Governmental Legal Service upon her Graduation from the University of Bonn. After talking it over with Sofia,Angelica and a couple of like-minded 'Activists'(Freya & Melinde) hopped in her Cornflower Yellow 4-door '77 Audi 100 and headed South. Sofia held up her part,producing 5 girls who had Sworn Complaints against their Coach and 4 who hadn't dared to Report their Molestation. The Activists had conducted their taped inquiries at Helen's House during the Morning,then made an appearance at the Reservation to drop Sofia off and munch some Lunch while checking out the Scene. Angelica was familiar with the Quarry before we'd purchased & improved the abandoned Farmstead on which it was located,and she considered it noteworthy of praise that we hadn't chased the Local Kids away from their favorite Swimmin' Hole. Her friend Freya scoffed while I was explaining that we tried to be 'Good Neighbors',rousing a quick spat between us concerning America & England's continued Occupation of Germany that Angelica quashed by pointing-out some salient facts; Soldiers do not bear the blame for framing Foreign Policy. ~ Everywhere She looked,Angelica picked-up signs of our being Very Neighborly with German People,Businesses,and on to Supporting Scholarly Pursuits by feeding the Archeology Students from Heidelberg University. ~ The fact that I was capable of debating Freya in her Native Tongue had also escaped her notice,leading her to decline Angelica's challenge to go into the Beer Tent and find another,"..G.I. Joe..",who understood half of what she had to say; And,to seal her Case,Angelica noted that my `Country Bumpkin's` idiom was due to long-term Environmental Exposure..Not Stupidity. Melinde ribbed Freya for displaying her Big-City Bias,which wrung a blushing apology from her in English,"I should not have bothered you". "No Bother",I accepted with a wee-bow,"I enjoyed the Sport"..... (Currently Listening To : Various Artists : Black - By Popular Demand {2005 Atlantic Music Sampler CD})    
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