TRP - Here & There ~ two

..."Home. Home again. I like to be here when I can".... First things First; Fulfilling my promise,Cousin Joe collected some 'Muscle' and led them aboard the Roadie-Cruiser,making a Keg Run on the Kauzen Brewery,then road-tripping along to Schwabisch Hall. The next priority on my list was to scour away 24hours of accumulated funk and Leathery Musk of the Puss'n'Boots,so I trailed my Bodyguards into the Playhouse. Almost lost in the mix during our Smoochie-Time ritual,Gidget goaded a modestly blushing Kimberly back into my arms for a second round of tongue-jousting as she called for a show of hands to grant the newbie 'First Dibs' on my pent-up passions. Upon hearing the High-Priestess Lanie's snickering Proclamation,"He's all yours,Honey",Kimberly double-clutched to emit a heaving sigh,canted my chin upwards with both hands and latched onto the left side of my neck with Vampiric Ardor. She made an assisting bounce when I moved to scoop her up,returning to take a naughty nip at my throat as she redoubled her efforts to place her mark on me while I carried her upstairs. // Kimberly was sturdier than she looked,or rather,how she appeared wearing a baggy,faded Desert-Cammo Dress that was cut in the style of a long Safari Vest. Squirming in my arms at the click of the Love-Nest's door closing behind us,she hauled the hem of it above her bare waist,then pulled-off a lithe & tricky move to wind her thighs around my supporting right arm at angles advantageous to diddling foreplay. Mewling passionately during the slow pelvic whorl that sheathed my index finger in her slick heat,Kimberly broke her lock on my neck to thrum in my ear,"Super Kinky getting Voted into your bed like that. I know we've got to play it cool out in public but umm..How 'bout we leave that door open"? "You'll have to open it,Hun. My hands are busy". Waggishly giggling,"Don't I know it"?,Kimberly shifted into a huskier tone during her reach for the knob,"I've never been this sopping wet". // Casting me a Devilish smile after wheedling a,"Cross your heart and hope to die..",promise limiting my aims on her tiny Pink heiney to,"..licks and tickles..",Kimberly recanted her opposition to 'Chores' and padded out of the shower to take her next tremulous steps into Freakville. Returning to the steamy shower for the rinse-cycle,she fairly exploded with energetic passion,fearless and feisty while forcing me to my knees with stammering guidance for my wriggling tongue's decent into her darkest dreams of depravity..... (Currently Listening To : The Jefferson Airplane : Worst Of The Jefferson Airplane)      
Topics: Incredastory, Mature