TRP - Here & There ~ one

..."It's just the normal noises in here".... 0930hours: Thoroughly Debriefed and Deposed,6-Kilo-9'er -aka- First-Lieutenant Baker Chauffeured us to the Messhall shared by the Combat Engineers & his Pathfinders en-route to the Flying Club. After obtaining the head-count from Breakfast(216),I issued the Mess-Sergeant 1,500dm to purchase Grilling Grub from the local economy and told him to prepare for the delivery of 25 Kegs. Making one last stop at the Property Disposal Yard to place a Lien on Edmonton's Sweet 1952 Ford F1 'Flareside'(-aka-Stepside) Pickup in-anticipation that it would remain unclaimed after 30days,I dropped off a pair of Tarps to protect it from the weather & covetous eyes before Baker drove us to the Flying Club. Fearing some act of Sabotage,we gave the Bumble Bee a meticulous Pre-Flight Inspection prior to making the short hop Home. // With everything else that had been going on,we'd spaced-out on the Glider Airshow Giebelstadt's Flying Club was Hosting until we spied about a Dozen of them soaring around the Control Zone. Jessica's One & Three brought the Bee down to make a NOE(=Nap Of the Earth) Approach,bypassing the Traffic-Pattern to slip in from the South and land on the Taxiway 'Key' adjacent to the Tower. The Bucktoothed Smiley Van rolled from our standard parking spot closer to the Flying Club Ramp to pick us up. As the Rotors spent the last of their energy Gidget introduced us to her companion,Second-Lieutenant Kimberly VonGenk,a short,trim Brunette bearing Orders re-assigning her from V-Sig Headquarters,Worms to Schwabisch Hall to fill the 59th's need for an 'S-6'(Communications & Intelligence) Staff-Officer. Oddly coincidental,she'd been cruising along the B-19 following the scribbled map passed to her by Spec-5 Kirby as the Bumble Bee was speeding in the opposite direction the previous Evening. (Kirby sat atop the Sergeant-Major's Shit List with PFC Brandt. They were standing Weekend-long Company Punishment as Charge-of-Quarters for our empty Barracks.) // Lieutenent-Colonel Gault,a By-the-Book proponent of Red-Tape,Rules & Regulations had harangued V-Signal Command to fill Battalion-level Staff Positions the 59th had learned to do without. Kimberly was nearing the end of her Tour and had no desire to return to the 'States,so she jumped at the chance to extend her time in Europe by 18months. That had been the extent of her thinking until she arrived at Schwabisch Hall and learned that every Soul in the 59th except Kirby & Brandt were participating in a Change-of-Command Party that the pair of Rockers made sound like an Outdoor Music Festival Hosted-by & Starring the new Battalion C.O's Band. Tickled by her sense of adventure,Kimberly climbed back into her Bronze '79 Datsun 280z and headed towards the Reservation..... (Currently Listening To : Pat Benatar : Extended Versions)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature