TRP - "Ghetto Rules Apply" ~ four

..."It's never gonna,never gonna,never gonna,never gonna,never gonna,never gonna stop"!.... Edmonton had fucked up in ways his rush into a Vigilante Rage had not allowed him to consider. Schwabisch Hall was the Support Facility for Troops manning the Tactical Nuclear Sites. Though no Warheads were stored on-Base,there were quite a number of 'Ultra Secrets' to be preserved,and fears of them falling into the hands of a Misanthropic Maniac demanded swift & decisive action. // 0315hours: There is no mistaking the ominous rumble of 300tons of Armored Menace closing-in on your location. Likewise,there was a uniquely unforgettable sound of heavy-lift Rotors pulverizing the air when 5 HH-53's landed on the Parade Ground shortly after the Cordon closed and disgorged approximately 200 USAF Airfield Security Troops armed & equipped to storm the Brig. Facing overwhelming odds,the MP's folded like a house of cards,but as they emerged with hands held high they bore News that Edmonton had retreated to the Cell-Block and he was holding Billings,King & Upshaw Hostage; His sole condition trading them for me by 0330hours or he'd blow their heads off. Stunned silence reigned in the Tower immediately after Kilo-9'er transmitted the terms. I keyed-up,"Tell him I'm on my way..Send me a ride". "You gotta be shitting me"!?,Jan carped in-awe. Returning,"There's no time to argue",I patted her cheek fondly,"One-on-One and him with a Gun is bound to make him over confident. If Edmonton don't shoot me at first sight he doesn't stand a chance..And you know it,Hun". With the slightest of nods,she kissed the palm of my hand,"We'll piss on his Grave together". Glibly noting,"There are worse fates than death",I swatted her butt,"Let's go"! Harmon placed a halting hand on my chest,"I can't allow this". In the blink of an eye I spun the Colonel around and wrenched his right arm up along his spine to growl in his ear,"The risks are acceptable,Sir". "Damn Skippy"!,he chortled when I released him,"Save me enough of him to Courts-Martial"! "Yes,Sir"!,we traded Crisp Salutes,then the girls & I set the metal stairs ringing as we raced down to ground level. // 0325hours: When I entered the Cell Block with my hands held high Edmonton was crouching behind his Human Shield,"Make a slow 360". After complying he sported a greasy grin,"What's under the skirt"? When I flashed him the goodies Billings,King & Upshaw surged into reverse and slammed Edmonton against the Bars. I took a flying-leap to slap the .45 from his hand,rebounded and closed-in to grab a handful of hair and wracked his skull against the Cage a few times. "Thanks guys..I'll give you Two minutes to stomp the shit out of this Motherfucker..Do Not Kill Him"! Still 'Cuffed together,about all they could do was stomp,and they had some fine,albeit awkward sport kicking their Jailer half-senseless until I Ordered them to,"HALT"! Squatting,I lifted Edmonton's bloodied face from the floor,"Welcome to your Future..I'm gonna see to it that the rest of your miserable life will be spent in this kinda 'Ghetto Rules' Nightmare"...... (Currently Listening To : Jethro Tull : Aqualung)
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