TRP - "Ghetto Rules Apply" ~ three

..."We can be Heroes...Just for one day".... We were sitting pretty in the Tower,defended by a pair of 30ton 'Crash Trucks' with their Water-Cannons plugged into the Fire Mains. Finishing his summation of the situation,Colonel Harmon's Orders over Public Address were concise,"Stay calm. Be reliable witnesses. Secure Arms Rooms and Motorpools. Do not confront the MP's unless they attempt to access Heavy Weapons or Equipment. Keep your Gas Masks close at-hand",he handed me the mic,"Got anything to add"? I keyed-up,"Clear the Streets. Pathfinders deploy to the East Sod. Secure Perimeter around LZ. Tactical Frequency Tower Secondary Fox". Harmon shot me a sketchy look,"Was it wise for you announce the Radio Frequency"? "Sir,I can't imagine any reason the MP's would have the Aeronautical Charts required for Reference. The Pathfinders do,and you can bet your last Dollar they're moving faster than those MP's are capable of looking it up". The speaker crackled,"Yankee-7-Delta,this is 6-Kilo-9'er". I grinned,"Bingo,Sir",and switched mics,"Go ahead,Pathfinders". "Roger,Woof. Engineers preparing Six CEV(M-728 Combat Engineer Vehicle = Based on M-60 Tank. Armed with 165mm 'Blockbuster' Howitzer.) to Secure East Sod LZ. Will advise before circling Wagons". "We can see you from up here. Maintain COMSEC.(COMmunications SECurity) Move into position when ready. Remember; We're the good guys here..So Play Nice". "Wilco,Woof". "Did I miss something in Translation"?,Harmon quizzed. "There is no 'East Sod' as-such,Sir. It's an old Nickname for the VIP Helipad,which is across the Street from the Brig. They're going to Surround Edmonton with the Heaviest Metal on this Post and keep him under Siege until he Surrenders or the Calvary arrives"...... (Currently Listening To : Supertramp : Paris)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature