TRP - "Ghetto Rules Apply" ~ two

..."All Hell breaks loose,Alarms and Sirens wail".... The Generator was purring steadily when I stopped at the second floor to reset the frequencies on a pair of VHF Transmitters & Receivers spouting orders,"Dana,get on up to the roof. Crank that Air-Raid Siren until you're sure the entire Base is awake. Jan,go to the lighting board and flip every switch on,then activate the Crash Alarm. Jessica's,grab chairs,tables,whatever it takes to block that door". When I'd completed the task the Colonel & I climbed to the 3rd floor to activate the Tape Recorders and slip slivers of papers into the reels to 'Mark the Time',then moved on up the stairwell towards the Tower Cab,"Sir,you need to start wrapping your head around something to say over the Public Address System that Alerts the Troops to the situation,but won't turn Edmonton's bullshit into a bloodbath". "Y'know,Simmons..",he returned rather cheerfully,"..I've enjoyed reading the Testimonies you've submitted after your umm..Adventures with the MP's,so I gotta ask; Why didn't you accept Edmonton's Apology"? "He didn't mean it,and I couldn't afford to give him the time to plan a Proper Ambush. Angry people don't think too clearly,Sir,but the Megalomania worming around in Edmonton's head Red-Lined his 'Panic Meter' without passing anywhere near anything approaching what you and I would consider Rational Thoughts". "You're presenting a Case for an Insanity Plea",he noted with equal cheer. "Lock him up somewhere. I honestly don't care if you put him in an Asylum or a Jail,Sir; If Edmonton's still Free at the end of this episode the FBI will not hesitate to embarrass the Hell out of the Army". 'Row-ROw-ROW-ROWROWROOOOOOOOOOOW..' "GOD DAMN THAT SIREN'S LOUD"!,Harmon barked. "WE'RE GATHERING A THOUSAND WITNESSES,SIR"! // "PHONES AND TELETYPE ARE DOWN"!,Jan reported when we reached the Tower Cab. I passed her by and climbed the Ladder to grab Dana's ankle,"GIVE IT A REST"!,then dropped to the deck and picked up the Mic,"Spangdalhem Tower,Schwabisch Hall Tower on 122-point-2". "Schwabisch Hall,Spangdalhem; Go Ahead". "This is not a drill. This is not a Joke. My Authorization Yankee-7-Delta. Schwabisch Hall Army Airfield has been unlawfully Locked-Down by our Military Police Detachment. Power and Phones are out. Requesting Assistance". "Spangdalhem has good copy,Yankee-7-Delta. Maintain this Frequency,if Possible". "Wilco Spangdalhem. My Secondary Victor 142-point-05 is also available". "142-point-05". I flipped the switches to key that up,"Black Sheep,Woof on Marine-Band"? Sea Dog was on it quick,"Yo,Woof,what's taking you so long"? "The C.O. of the MP Detachment has flipped-out and seized Control of Schwabisch Hall. He's shut down the Power Plant and Telephone Exchange. Have notified Spangdalhem Air Force Base of situation..Awaiting Response. Sound Officers-Call and send us some Cavalry"! "Jesus fuuuu..YES SIR"!..... (Currently Listening To : Electric Light Orchestra : Eldorado)  
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