TRP - "Ghetto Rules Apply" ~ one

..."Lunatic Fringe. I know you're out there".... 0215hours: I stared Captain Edmonton down,"Apology Not Accepted. You're a cruel and vindictive piece-of-shit abusing the Authority of your Badge to summon me away from my own Change-of-Command Party on false pretenses. I demand Satisfaction". "Satisfaction"?,he morphed into a twisted smirk,"Lucky for you Dueling is no longer..." "Training",I interrupted caustically,"Training is Permitted. Try operating your Squirrely Brain in that mode while picking your Poison". Teeth grinding,Edmonton wore a mask of pure evil,"How 'bout we challenge the Para-Course"? "Fine",I did my best to match his demented demeanor while setting my sole condition,"Ghetto Rules Apply". "You know it",he readily agreed,"Be on the starting-line at 0700hours Monday". // 0240hours: We were walking down the Taxiway towards the Civilian Flying Club when a pair of Jeeps sped past us and disgorged a Squad of MP's who rushed to roll the Gates shut,then formed a Cordon before it with their M-16's at 'Port Arms'. "What in the Hell are they doing"?,Colonel Harmon groused. "Their Master's bidding,Sir",I answered while halting to spark a Lucky Strike,"I don't think it's going to do us much good to try and reason with them". "I'm with you on that",Jan opined grumpily,"They're looking for an excuse to lock us up,sure-as-shit". "Sad to say,I believe you're right",Harmon turned from studying the MP's and joined the huddle,"The Flying Club is Civilian Property,correct,Simmons"? "Correct,Sir". "Edmonton might've locked the Base down",he sighed wearily,"We need to get to a Phone". I scratched my chin,"If the Base is locked-down the Phone Exchange probably is,too..But he can't jam the Radios. We need to get to the Tower,Sir". "Yeah,and quick before Edmonton's 'Squirrely Brain' figures that out",Harmon headed back the way we came taking long strides. We were about 50yards from the Tower when Schwabisch Hall went Dark. "Nice try,Asshole",I quipped while breaking into a run,"Fort Apache's got it's own Generator"!..... (Currently Listening To : Little Feat : Waiting For Columbus)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature