The Rake's Progress - '..Megalomania of Morons.."

..."Afterglow in a distant row. The door is open and the lights are cold. The children come in here and they dare the Ghost".... 2245hours: The Desk-Sergeant smirked when we entered Schwabisch Hall's MP Station,"Did Halloween come early this year"? His comedic glare collapsed when a Badge was slammed on the counter before him,"Colonel Harmon,VII Corps Deputy Provost Marshall. Take me to Captain Edmonton". "He's not here,Sir". "Then find him and bring him here,Sergeant". "Sir,I.." 'SLAM'!,Harmon cut him off with a power-slap to the desktop,"I'm not in the mood to screw-around,Sergeant..I SAID FIND HIM"! Looking much like a stunned Mullet,'gulp',"Yes Sir"!,the Sergeant began dialing the phone. The Colonel placed a hand on the Sergeant's wrist,"Don't tell him I'm here". // 2330hours: Harmon was sequestered in an Interrogation Room studying Overby's Case Files when Edmonton stormed into the Station and lit into the Desk Sergeant for waking him up. When given a chance,the Sarge pointed me out,"Major Simmons answered the Summons,Sir". Edmonton followed his finger while sprouting a condescending leer,"Process him and put him on ice". "No-Can-Do,Sir",the MP Sergeant dropped the bomb on his C.O. while pushing a paper forward,"VII Corps Deputy Provost issued a 'Hand's-Off' Decree..He's waiting for you in I-R-2". Edmonton studied the sheet,shot me an evil scowl and grumbled,"Detail an armed squad to keep an eye on him". I spanned into a toothy grin,"I hope you remember this smile when you come to realize just how wrong you've been,Captain". // In actuality,there wasn't much Captain Edmonton had done since Colonel Overby's Death had been Reported to him that could be construed as being 'Correct'. He hadn't followed any of the Protocols required to notify the Deputy Post Commander past a single unanswered Phone Call to his Family Quarters,a second to quiz the Desk at the BEQ for Field-Grade Officers,and finding none present,then did Nothing to satisfy the Requirements of passing the Tragic News up the Chain-of-Command; Edmonton had effectively Usurped Post Command. His Teletype Summoning me to Schwabisch Hall was the first,and only mention of the incident to be Transmitted Off-Base along lines of Military Communications. Edmonton's gig against me was feeble at-best,based on Overby's 'Goodbye Cruel World' Manifesto that mentioned me several times,but it was enough to legitimately Issue the Summons that he was hoping wouldn't reach me until Monday Morning,by which time it would have been Upgraded to an Arrest Warrant for Failure-to-Comply. // In answer to the big 'WHY'? ~ Once-upon-a-time Edmonton had been Executive Officer of the MP Training Company at Ft.McClellan Nevins was Transferred to after failing so miserably as a Drill-Sergeant. Both of them were infected with the Megalomania of Morons armed with Badges,convincing them that Military Law could be interpreted into convenient excuses to fuck with people. I was a Target-of-Opportunity Edmonton's Ego could not Resist...... (Currently Listening To : Peter Frampton : Frampton Comes Alive)        
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