TRP - "Calling Doctor Love!.."/"Duty Calls.."

..."Runnin 'round with the hammer,hammer,hammer,hammerdown..HAMMERDOWN"!.... WBF provided a Soundtrack for the Fireworks show by playing our renditions of KIZZ's 'God Of Thunder','Flaming Youth','Love Gun' & 'Rock'n'Roll All Night'. As the crowd cheered the Bombastic Finish a feminine-voiced chant rose and grew in intensity,"Calling Doctor Love!..Calling Doctor Love!.." The girls jumped right on their request,riffing the intro while I was strolling towards the Tri-Horn to raise a 'Ziggy-Zakki' Prosit. Jessica's One,Two & Vicky Price skipped forward and met my return to the center mic,striking rowdy power-chords from Heavy-Metal Head-Banging poses that had me pining for hair long enough to sling around with them. When the audience reacted bawdily to an instant fad of Tits being flashed at me,the Gun-Powdery atmosphere fairly screamed,'ATTITUDE'!,so I gave it to them full-force without an ounce of shame,"You Need My Love Baby,Oh-So-Bad! You're Not The Only One I've Ever Had! And If I Say I'm Gonna Set You Free! Don't You Know You'll be in Misery! They Call Me!.." Those feminine voices carried the Hook,"DOCTOR LOVE"!! "..They Call Me Doctor Love!.." "CALLING DOCTOR LOVE"!! "..I Got The Cure You're Thinking Oooof!.." "CALLING DOCTOR LOOOOVE"!! // About 45minutes later Giebelstadt's 1400/2200hour Shift arrived at the Reservation aboard a Trio of Vespa Apes. It did not escape my notice when they went into a huddle with the Sergeant-Major instead of hustling join the Party. When Joe broke for the Stage at a trot I tossed my hands up near the middle of 'Momma Told Me Not To Come' and yelped into the mic,"HOLD"!,then moved to meet him at the stairs,"What's up"? He handed me a sheet of Teletype,"Overby gave his .45 a blowjob in a Queer Whorehouse..The MP's wanna talk to you about it". I was busily reading the Official Summons,which was transmitted at 2155hours,"Note the Time,Sergeant-Major". "22-Hundred-18hours,Local,Sir". Tucking the Teletype in the waistband of my kilt,I unslung Sergeant Rock on the stroll back to the mic to announce,"Duty Calls..Sorry,folks,but I need to move fast and the Jessica's Pilot my Hot-Rod OH-6,so that's it for us tonight. We'll be back to blow your faces out tomorrow..Let's Giddyap-and-Go,Girls"!..... (Currently Listening To : Pink Floyd : Animals) 
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