TRP - "..Item Number 2-0-0-slash-2-3".

..."I get by with a little help from my friends".... As the Sun was setting Wilde Beaver Fever emerged from the Compound to be greeted by a greatly expanded Audience avidly waving miniatures of the Humpaho's Pink Pirate Flag,which also Emblazoned their Silk-Screened Black Tank & T-Shirts,and was Embroidered on Black Bikinis,Halter Dresses,Euro-styled Ball Caps & Tennis Visors. Replacing our Written-in-Lightning Logo,a 7x10meter Flag also backed the Stage; All Courtesy of Patrika's Fashion House,who had answered our Invitation from her Penthouse Office/Suite all the way down to the Basement including the Cafeteria,Janitorial,Maintenance & Warehouse Staffs. Cobra-227's 3rd Avn.Battalion was also out in force,full of Piss & Vinegar after forcing the ADA Grunts to back-down to their superior numbers when they attempted to continue their Riotous Bullshit on the Airbase. (As was later explained by Cobra-227; Major General Howell,Commanding 32 AADCOM was now fully & firmly convinced that the only answer to Giebelstadt's Disciplinary woes was a 'Transfusion' to flush all that Bad Blood out and replace it from Untainted Sources.) Our favorite Friends,Neighbors,Shopkeepers,Troops from Klingholz Kasserne,the kids from Zelt Welt Campground near Rothenberg,Giebelstadt's Civilian Flying Club..Almost everybody we knew wanted in on this Celebration. // The cavalcade of Wolf-Whistles that erupted when I was changing into one of the new Tank-Tops roused Jessica's One & Two to rush me forward wearing only an O'Boyle kilt & Knee-high 'Puss'n'Boots',then spanked me into compliance with their overlapping,rapid-fire Demands that I 'Flex' to show-off my physique. Chills ran up my spine when I heard Allison speaking into the mic,"Hey,Ladies!..Wanna see what Woofy's got below the waist"? The High-pitched uproar caused my hands to drop and take firm hold my kilt's hem just prior to hearing my Wife drop the punchline,"Go to aisle One of Wurzburg's Eros Center and look along the wall for Item Number 2-0-0-slash-2-3". Some chick in the audience sounded-off,"Two Hundred Millimeters is Eight Inches"! Chortling,"No Comment"!,Allison left them laughing and stepped-off smartly to Exit,Stage-Left..... (Currently Listening To : Pink Floyd : Dark Side Of The Moon - Half-Speed Mastered LP On Virgin Vinyl)   
Topics: Incredastory, Mature