TRP - 'I wasn't naughty enough..'

Alan Parsons Project : Hyper-Gamma-Spaces : playz.... Angels,Devils,dark,light,old,young,Junior-Petite Pygmies-to-Busty Amazons,Helen was impressed with the 'United Nations' aspect of the Humpahos,and freakishly titillated by the 'Family Affairs' resulting in a number of my friends & girlfriends Mothers becoming Pregnant. Maria essentially saw the girls in the same way,although she was more impressed by the even-split between Civilians & Military,and her Supply-Clerk mind readily grasped the Communal concepts that allowed us to share the load of living well with plenty of Paycheck left-over to build our Bank Accounts. She understood the value of things. She could see how many of our/my Toys & Tools came from Property Disposal Yards and she'd heard of the Bargains struck to build the Village of Woofhausen for the cost of a 2-Story,3br House. Maria understood the needs for privacy & secrecy and the manner that Two-Way Traffic worked to Everyone's Benefit. Practical,Yes; But the Humpahos were also exceedingly playful,passionate and proficient at Granting Naughty Wishes,so she was in no hurry to make the leap Through the Looking-Glass that would return her to Reality. // Helen was in another region of Fantasyland,keeping me as the bottom slice of her 'Sandwich',bellied-down atop me to share some loving,touching & squeezing while Allison and the girls gave her pooter rougher handling. Helen's initial fears on this impending action were mollified by reading the German Language section on a new tube of Numbing-Lube..Then again by watching me warm a shot of Brandy in the Microwave and stir in a good squeeze while I explained my Whorish desire to better her Blowjobs that had enthralled Allison before I gave the Potion a thoroughly long-winded Gargle. Helen plucked the Glass from my fingers,followed the Recipe and handed me the tube of Lube as her finger stirred the mix,"Sien sie mit meinem Swanz leicht".(Be gentle with my Tail.) That gentleness did not survive first contact. When I slipped her a slimy finger Helen gasped meekly and folded at the waist to lean over the Breakfast Bar. Mere seconds into polishing her Blonde-fringed pooter Helen lurched into reverse to sheathe my digit fully,then swung a wickedly articulate smile over her shoulder,"Zu Einfach"!(Too Easy!),as her broad hips went on a naughty spree. I wasn't naughty enough for Helen's mood when plucking her Anal Cherry a short while later,earning me the Romantic Role when Helen 'Stacked the Deck' for her first orgy..... (Currently Listening To : The Police : Reggatta De Blanc) 
Topics: Incredastory, Mature