The Rake's Progress - Initiates

..."These are the things,these are the things,the things that dreams are made of".... 1730hours: Wilde Beaver Fever had found our sound at a Live Rehearsal,but towards the end of it the bright Sun blazing unmercifully in our eyes caused us to postpone the Concert until Sunset. As we were shutting everything down our Audience scattered and I noticed the Humpaho's were herding Helen & Maria into the Compound. We weren't far behind them entering the Playhouse,catching Helen a bit off-guard when I stepped up to collect my share of Smoochie-Time and lingered to relish a deep whiff of Allison on her breath before capturing her lips for a passionately Soulful kiss. Shuddering mightily when Allison closed on her from behind,chuckling,"She's as kinky as they come",and began to loosen the laces on her bodice/vest,Helen muffled plaintive whines in my mouth as my Gender-Bending Wife offered the Matronly Sexpot much praise for the spirited & sloppy Blowjobs that convinced Allison to nominate Helen for Initiation. It takes a while to strip away the layers that form a Traditional Bavarian Dirndl and we maintained our lip-lock until Helen had to break & hold her arms up while Allison raised her cropped White blouse overhead. Down to thick Woolen socks and White control-top panties damply bulging to contain her dense thatch,I slipped my thumbs into the high waistline and slowly bent to one knee,which was reached a few thundering heartbeats before my lips & tongue began teasing a course South from her navel along the generously hairy Strawberry-Blondness of Helen's expanding Happy Trail. Evoking her 'Horny' croak,"Got this",Allison's hands slid beside mine to continue peeling the stretchy undies down to the deck,then after a preliminary rolling down of socks,completed stripping Helen to her voluptuous Birthday Suit one foot at a time. Back on her own feet trailing an impatiently gusty sigh,Allison slipped her steely ardor under to nudge my chin. Captured by my lips on the second pass,I pulled-off a Goose-necked maneuver that sheathed my Wife's Throbber and roused a Wanton Cackling from Helen when my tongue shifted to lashing her stubby nubbins. // There wasn't much subtlety surrounding these Initiates. Maria went 'Through The Looking Glass' and found herself in an Anal Wonderland of Mirrors and Sex-Machines and a Sinful Cast of Kooky Characters who held just enough respect for her gaping pooter not to cause it any damage as the Humpaho's Substituted for me and became Genie's making Maria's naughtiest dreams of ravishment come true. Helen's youngest of 6 children had left Home to study Economics at the Universitat Bonn a few days earlier. One night in that empty House convinced the 47 Year-old Widow that she was not meant to live alone,so she jumped at the chance to Cater our Party for the opportunity it accorded her to entice a Young Soldier to 'Play House'. Allison had not missed the subtle hints hidden from the rest of the crowd in the Beer Tent,first when I clenched to avoid wearing Helen's phone number as a temporary tattoo,then again when I suddenly appeared at the West end of the Tent carrying an Autographed Basketball and pretty-much avoided showing it off as I passed-through,collected my Kauzen Swag and set a direct course for the Man-Cave. A short while later Allison moved-in on Helen when she was taking a Smoke Break behind the Tent,coaxed her to reveal the encapsulated story above,then cajoled the Lonely Widow into a Port-a-Pot to tell her a secret. Helen's shock was tempered with the kinkiest curiosity she'd ever experienced as she took a seat to examine Allison's Masculinity at close range. A few faintly whispered questions & answers later Helen succumbed to her Baser Instincts and proceeded to impress Allison with with her Oral Talents. Talked into faking sick VIA temporary high-fevered puking-bout after eating a Cigarette,Helen signed out of Work and was led to rest in a vacant Cabin by her Concerned Hostess. More seductive chatter while Helen downed a liter of Chocolate Milk to settle her stomach's last churnings eventually placed the Wanton Widow on her knees,serving a 'User Friendly' role of Cock Worship that lasted until until Wilde Beaver Fever began our sound-checks..... (Currently Listening To : Deep Purple : Machine Head)                
Topics: Incredastory, Mature