TRP - "..P-D-Q".

..."I can Go(With the flow)with the flow"....   It was easy to understand why guys lost their cool with Maria. The blending of Caribbean DNA that graced her Birth in a Puerto Rican Farming Village produced a vision of Exotic Eroticism guaranteed to warm Any guy's...Cockles. By-the-Numbers,Maria stood 5'6" on bare feet,weighing-in at 120pounds of curvaceous 35C-25-37 Sexual Promise. Tanned to Coffee outside her Cafe`au Lait Bikini-lines evidenced she wasn't shy about sharing her 'Vision' with the World..Which is a convenient segue` into Maria's Headspace; Though she possessed many stereotypical 'African' features,Maria refused to Date Black guys,or frequent their haunts. As a general rule she'd come to rely on,they did not haunt Beaches,Lakes,Ponds or German Schwimbads,so she became a Sun-Worshiping Water-Bug seeking her Voyeuristic Kicks raising bulges in swimsuit's. // Dripping wet from our shower,Maria let her towel fall to the floor to brace against the tiled wall when I slid-in on my knees,spread her bouncy bunz and issued her purplish gaper it's first French Kiss. Gasping,"whoooo Jesus",she rotated toes-to-heels out twice,widening her stance while bettering my angle-of-attack for wriggling invasions,"I thought you were fucking with my head"?,she panted profusely,sucked in a huge lungful and bore down,dumping a double Creampie for my feasting pleasure. Sighing somewhat mournfully,"I could get addicted to this action P-D-Q",she shook me loose with a festive squirm,"C'mon..Put it back in". I pushed up,slid into her twitchy gape and hauled her up against my chest,"Show me your diddle move". When Maria reached for my hand I clamped her in a tighter embrace and motioned with my head,"Show me in the mirror,Hun". Maria cracked a scintillating smile at our reflection and chuckled,"It's actually Funny you should mention that move",slapped her cootchie soundly and started the rotational Bean-buffing,"My ass is usually bouncing on a dildo about a half-size smaller than you when I go for it like this"...... (Currently Listening To : Queens Of The Stone Age : Songs For The Deaf)  
Topics: Incredastory, Mature