TRP - "..Dirty-Dream-Genie.."

..."How far can you take it 'till you realize there's Magic in your eyes"?.... The upper lobes of Maria's sex bore the appearance of a Fleshy Spiral-Cone Seashell. In reality,it was a rather massive hood providing pillowy protection for her tiny,hair-trigger nubbins,often stretched by Maria's favorite 2-fingered rotational move. The practical upshot of Genetics and years frenetic activity gifted Maria with an uber-sensitive vestigial hollow nearly 3/4's of an inch deep,a diddle-enthusiast's direct path to slipping under her 'Bean's natural defenses. If none of her previous lovers had found her Magic Bean,then I could only assume that they had succumbed to her Island-Girl charms too swiftly and/or acted too selfishly to discover This Treasure. Squeaking & squirming through a couple of rapid climaxes,Maria took a firm double-handed grip on my hair and forced me away from her sumptuous Feast for an Impish stare-down,"I Really hate to slam the brakes,but I gotta pee like..Now"! I trailed her frantic scamper at a respectable distance,catching her T-shirt when stepping through the Bathroom door she'd left open,"You've seen mine; Show me yours". Humming,"Na nana-naah..Na nana-naah..",I began to strip-tease her with corny dance moves while warping my Tank Top,flashing her nipples from the neckline & arm holes before hoisting the hem up to my armpits to pinch them both stiff. "Go Poppi Go"!,Maria giggled merrily,"Show me more,show me more"! Still humming the Stripper classic,I reached into the waistband of my Beach Britches and re-oriented the jolley boney due North,exposing the helmet and wringing a lip-licking measure of determination from Maria's mischievous smile,"Bring it here". Prancing beside her perch on the Porcelain Throne,I mellowed the Stripper gyrations when she placed a sharp focus on the right hand she'd sent to fondle my ardor. Noting my faint giggle when she cropped-up in Goose-Pimples,Maria untied my old Yellow Birdwells and worked the Velcro fly open before aiming a sweltering gaze up at me,"Here's the picture I see; Enema Bag hanging handy-dandy by the sink..",she put a vise-like grip on the boney's tapered core,"..and everything else we need to put you right where I need you the most. I believe you're the Dirty-Dream-Genie I've been looking for,Poppi". I enjoyed the thought of playing with that theme,"You just earned unlimited Wishes,Hun"...... (Currently Listening To : Kim Carnes : Voyeur)   
Topics: Incredastory, Mature