TRP - "Tell me more,tell me more"!

Bob Welch : One On One : playz.... Our first 10 minutes were spent finishing off the Bottle of Mimosa-Meade and Chatting. Stranded in the Barracks during a January Snow-Storm and bored silly,Maria had a disastrous encounter with a Home Perm Kit so she lopped the frizzles off in a fit of weeping disgust. Initially catching a bit of lip over her new Butch/Punk look,she eventually came to terms with the fact that a couple Month's growth on a Guy's Military Haircut suited her. Maria thought I was jiving when I agreed with her,but proof was in the description I provided of the wavy,shoulder-length tresses she once possessed that bounced with every step she took. Her eyes swept into an exotic glint,"You left here in October,right"? "Right". "So you were checking me out more than Eight Month's ago". "It's been Fifteen Months since last year's Triple-A Convention in Garmisch",I informed her. 'Thwack'!,Maria slapped my knee soundly,"You've had chances to make a move on me since then"! 'Thwack'!,I snickered,"Back at'cha"! Mischievously twinkling Doe eyes held me transfixed as Maria spun her stool to face mine and turned my hands into willing puppets working together to open the snap & zipper of her shorts,"Never did get your answer; How do you wanna kill that hour"? "Let's start with a shower. I Am sticky from Beer". "Tell me more,tell me more"!,Maria sounded-off a`la 'Grease'. "OK",I responded in-kind,"Get to know ya,ya know what I mean? Makes it easier to make the scene". "Tell me more,tell me more"! "I can tell from that gleam you want to hear something obscene.("Oh Yeah"!)My favorite cuisine is after-sex protein". Maria flushed warmly,"Tell me more,tell me more"!  "I'll polish your Bean all the time in-between,and you'll cream,and you'll cream while I preen your pelt clean"! Sniggering,"That last line sounded like Doctor Seuss",Maria planted her palms on the stool and pressed her butt up,then resumed her seat,raising,folding & unfolding her legs to assist me sliding her shorts & undies off. Heels landing on my shoulders,Maria chuckled,"Still; I liked the way those rhymes rolled off your tongue",while her splaying thighs naturally ushered my face towards the Purpled parting of her sparsely thatched Beaver..Only to slam on the hand-brakes a few inches short of my Feasting pleasure to issue a mischievously giggled challenge,"And for the Record,Poppi; No one's ever found my 'Bean' before"..... (Currently Listening To : Jethro Tull : Stormwatch) 
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