TRP - "..Wanna cut a Trade"?

..."Maria,you've gotta see her. Go insane and out of your mind. Latina,Ave Maria. A Million-and-One candle lights".... Waiting behind the Kauzen tent,Maria Flores spanned into a gorgeous smile when I stepped out of a Port-a-Pot,"You're from Jacksonville,right,Sir"? "Right..And you don't have to call me 'Sir' when we're in Civvies,Maria". Quipping,"Cool",she made a small wave,"C'mon Woof,I got something to show you". I followed her swaying butt to a Tan 4-door '72 Mercedes-Benz 280SE,"Nice Car". "Thanks. I wanted to bring home something nicer than a Cuckoo Clock",Maria spun the key-ring on her finger before popping the trunk and pulling out a Leather Basketball in one of those half-boxes they're sold in,"Autographed by the 1970 J.U. Dolphins..Wanna cut a trade"? "Sure. What are you into"? "Calling you Poppi",she bounced right back. I nodded in agreement,"I'm all sticky from Beer. Wanna go for a swim"? Handing over the Ball,Maria bent back into the Trunk,slung a Satchel over her shoulder and closed the lid,"Hold on,it'll just take me a second to change". "Nooooo,not in an Outhouse",it was my turn to wave her on,"You deserve better than that". She made furtive glances around,"Where do we meet so you don't get in any trouble"? "Ground Floor of the Concrete Beehive. I'll be there shortly". Watching her stroll away I felt a surge of urge and put long strides on my reentering the Kauzen tent. Guidon Bearer Thompson closed up to jibe,"What's a White man doin with a Basetball"? "Taking it straight to my Trophy Shelf. It's been signed by the 1970 J.U.Dolphins". "Whoah! I Love Artis Gilmore"!,he blurted-out,"Yeah man,that's somethin special". "That's why it's going straight to the Shelf before it gets fucked-up",I chuckled and moved on towards the Counter to reclaim my Swag from Helen. The Basketball atop the giant Owl Krug made my load unwieldy as toting too many Books,and,as hoped,my purposeful stride advertised 'Do Not Delay' for casual chit-chatters & etc among the Sunbathers I passed by on my direct-route to the Man-Cave. Maria paused to grab a plate of Skewered Shrimp,saw me beat her to the rendezvous and double-clutched to wait for the next batch of Beer-Battered Grouper Fingers to come out of the Fryer. // Both hands full,Maria kicked at the door. I relieved her of half the load and led her to the Breakfast Bar. "This is a hangout",she noted with a screwy smile,"Where do you and your Wife live"? "Inside the Walls",I replied while opening the fridge,"What would you like to drink"? Maria was Feline quiet & quick appearing at my shoulder for a peek inside,"What's in the Clay Bottles"? "Meade. It's a Honey-based Liquor we learned how to make in Greece. One of the recipe's tastes pretty close to a Mimosa"? "Moonshine,hunh? Yeah,OK. If it hasn't killed you it won't kill me". "It's not exactly Moonshine,but then again,our Moonshine isn't exactly Moonshine either..That's based on Cactus". "If it's Bootleg Liquor,then it's Moonshine",Maria stated firmly. "In the Good Old U.S.A.",I countered glibly,"There are a number of Unregulated and Non-Taxable Liquors over here. You just have to learn how to chart a course through the Loopholes to avoid hassles with Various Customs Officials",I uncorked the Mimosa-Meade and poured us a pair of Tall Flutes,"For instance; The Germans don't consider Cactus suitable for Fermentation,so our 'Moonshine' doesn't qualify as Alcohol..Loophole Successfully Exploited". She accepted the Flute and took a wee sip,then rubbed her nose emitting a squeaky giggle,"Bubbly enough and Orange enough. I like it"! Maria slid onto a stool and pushed the Shrimp from a skewer,"So what's behind all this talk about Greece"? I had a seat beside her,"We found a nice little slice of Paradise on the Greek Island of Kythera and bought an abandoned Olive Grove about a Quarter-Mile upstream from a sweet Beach..It's the same story with this piece of Property and Two others we own; There are are abandoned Farms on the Auction-Block all over Europe". "Yeah,Man,got'cha",Maria nudged me with her knee,"Now tell me what we're gonna do with the Hour we have to wait before taking a Swim"?,and plopped a Shrimp in her mouth..... (Currently Listening To : Credence Clearwater Revival : Cosmo's Factory)
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I want one of those double arc electric lighters. I'm trying to read, while I fire-up my night queen.

Speaking of night queen - -

All night long! (All night)
Feel good! Feel good! (All night)
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