The Rake's Progress - Deux Rulez

..."Oyams whut oyams and I ain't's no more".... It was a fine entrance and it wasn't missed by many. The visuals were as vague as I could craft them,as it appeared that I had shunned a Quintessential German Hotty from scribbling her phone-number on my Palm; Then in-Vogue as Any GI's favorite Temporary Tattoo. Those who believed the rumors that I was 'Swimmin in Wimmin' thought my standards were unbelievably high..Or the Harem was Full..Or perhaps I was being a Good Boy because my Wife was nearby? I loved catching these sort of speculations as they occurred,or,to be more precise,as they were shared with me through a spate of flippantly loose-lipped Bierhall Congratulations & Salutations. I climbed atop the nearest Picnic Table when they broke out in the Drinking Ditty,"HERE'S TO BROTHER WOOFY...",chugged the remaining couple of liters in the Tri-Horn,then slammed the helmet on my head to wear the sudsy dregs as I caught them off guard with a gruffly bellowed,"ATTENTION"! Now that I had their undivided attention,I cracked a wide smile,"At-Ease. It's time to say what I didn't dare say in front of the Secretary of Defense; I'm gonna be as nice as you people let me be. When in Uniform,You Are A Professional. Be where you're supposed to be,doing what you're supposed to do. Go Fishing with Dynamite..Ski Naked..Wear a Pink Tutu in Amsterdam..I don't give a damn what you do with your free time as long as it doesn't land on My Desk. I hope that when this Hitch is up we'll all be able to say we were Proud to work together..Now",I punched the sky,"DRINK MOTHERFUCKERS!..DRINK"!!.... (Currently Listening To : The Who : My Generation - The Very Best Of The Who)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature