TRP - Bowls,Beers & Boobs

..."Be strong. Find the heart of a Night Owl calling.".... It had been a short,albeit extremely hectic week. I'd been sober/straight during most of it,and felt a keen calling to restore my 'Balance' before Wilde Beaver Fever entertained the Troops. A couple of Hookah bowls of our finest buds gave me a righteous buzz and case of the Cottonmouth conducive to drinking prior to grabbing my Ceremonial Tri-Horned Viking Helmet and strolling over to the Kauzen Tent for a fill-up of Wolf Hefeweissen. The Troops knew that Helmet represented the Official Commencement of the Party,setting an ambling exodus in motion for those who were awaiting that sign and raising raucous cheers from those within the Tents who hadn't waited to get the Party Started. The folks at the Kauzen Brewery had done us one better than requested; They had substituted their very cool Owl-shaped 1/2liter Stoneware Krugs for standard Glass Mugs ordered as Souvenirs.(Kauzen = 'Owl' and was also a Bavarian Colloquialism for 'Odd Fellow'. A big portion of the Rude Competition mentioned earlier was brought to bear by Ochsenfurt's UHU Brewery. UHU translates to 'Hunting Owl',and the Company was plagued by Management that was 20 years ahead of it's time creating Specialty Brews such as their Apricot Ale aimed at Female Consumption in a Stodgily Conservative Beer Market where Customs dictated Women Drink Wine..The same Recipe for Apricot Ale we'd purchased from UHU was selling very well to Female Soldiers & Texans at the Seafood Rodeo's Biergarten.) Anywho; When I'd waded through the congratulations and plopped the Tri-Horn on the counter asking a Bier Frau to fill it with Wolf Hefeweissen she called her 'Boss Frau' Helen over and in short-order I was presented with a 4liter version of their Owl Krug filled with Kauzen Merchandise..And the sight of Helen's nipples raising massively erotic lumps in the thin White Cotton above her Bodice Vest. When I asked her to hold the swag for later Helen hauled me over the counter and swirled her tongue around my ear before whispering a lewdly inspiring Promissory Note to,"..versteifen Sie Ihren beschluss.."("..stiffen your resolve..") when I felt the need. Then she released me,broke out a Pen and flipped my hand over to scribble her Phone Number on my palm. I balled it up to block her move,quipping,"Wir werden nicht das lang warten".(We won't be waiting that long.)..... (Currently Listening To : ZZ Top : El Loco)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature