TRP - Exposition

Carlos Santana : Europa : playz.... 1400hours: Many of our Guests had visited the Reservation before,but they got another view of the Tribe's Hospitality during the process of shuttling them from Schwabisch Hall to Giebelstadt aboard our Yellow Wings and then generally straight into a Smiley Van or the Star Cruiser awaiting them at the VIP Pad for the last leg of their swift Journey to Partyland. There were also plenty who had/were taking the Scenic Route North along the B-19 in their own vehicles,and to keep them from missing-out on the free accommodations,a number of them who hadn't already provided for themselves were issued Purloined Camping Gear before launching their Road-Trips. // Backtracking a bit; Upon receiving the News that I was getting bumped-up to Command the 59th,the girls had flown home from Kythera Thursday Afternoon delivering a hefty load of Fresh Seafood,including 2 Giant Groupers weighing-in at approx. 130 & 180pounds. Though I wasn't there to keep watch on the Smoker,Imoan & Linda had done a fine job of striking a Low Heat/High Smoke balance that kept the Leviathans' Flesh flavorful,moist & tender. Augmented by a few Friends & Guests,the rest of the Tribe got busy upon returning from Schwabisch Hall,prepping the remaining Seafood and compiling quantities of Picnic Side-Dishes & Deserts. We were becoming quite adept at Catering to large numbers of Guests and,as mentioned in an earlier Chapter,our Local Hosts were both grateful for the additional Business and tolerant of our noisy Shindigs. This one was destined to be Epic,and luckily we'd already forged several connections that allowed us to pull it off with little time to plan. Ochsenfurt's Kauzen Brewery was hired to provide 50 Kegs,400 1/2 Liter Logo'd Mugs for Souvenirs,Tables,Festival Tent & Dirndl Uniformed Bier Fraus to work the Taps. Wurzburg's Hofkeller erected a slightly smaller Tent Hosting their Weinfest next door to them,50yards West of Woofhausen and adjacent to the 2 dozen Port-a-Potties lining the Roadside. This was a considerable contraction of the Party Zone,and was a primary factor when deciding to Contract our Alcoholic Consumption to our Favorite Local Brands rather than deal with the Rude Brands of Money-grubbing Competition from Brewery Row that left a bitter,'Never Again',aftertaste from May Day. // The final part of this Exposition concerns the Purloined Camping Gear. While still at Schwabisch Hall we'd pulled a random Tent from the load to conduct a Quality Control Test on the 13 year-old Canvas. It was a Coleman 12x9foot 'American Heritage' Cabin Tent rated to sleep 4-to-6 and it was in Mint Condition & relatively easy to Pitch. There were 20 of those listed on the Shipping Manifest; 10 16x12foot 2-room 'Oasis' Cabin Tents sleeping 6-to-8. ~ 10 14foot Diameter 'Boy Scout' Cone Tents sleeping 5. ~ 30 9x6foot 'Backpacker' Pup Tents sleeping 2..The entire load was Manufactured by Coleman and covered just about every Camping need except Canteens. A neat little sideline cropped up when many of the Troops decided to Cede the Tents to the Reservation rather than squabble over Ownership with their Buddies. I never delved into what caused them to launch a Fad of Permanent Marker Graffiti upon those 'Blank Canvases',but I'm proud to say there were many fine Puns and some cool Artwork amid very few Curse words or Raunchy images. Backpacks,Camp Stoves,Coolers,Foam Ground Sheets,Lanterns,Sleeping Bags..These they placed claims on for every day utility and/or use in the Field during Maneuvers. That sets the stage,save for the Stage Set-up itself,which was unavoidably heavy-work,but getting quicker & easier every time we put the Kit-Decking together..... (Currently Listening To : Pink Floyd : Wish You Were Here)  
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