TRP - "..Code-2.." ~ two

Sir Edward William Elgar : Pomp And Circumstance : playz.... Leading a trio of MP Jeeps,Overby's Humvee left skid marks as it screeched to a stop on the Ramp to the rear of the Ad-Hoc Formation the Sergeant-Major hustled together from our Troops milling about the Ramp awaiting the Change-of-Command Ceremony. Gleefully Yelping,"I GOT YA NOW YA SORRY SON-OF-A-BITCH"!,Overby barged straight through the Ranks to be met by the headlong charge of Brigadier-General Phillips,V-Sig's Commanding Officer,"Which 'Sorry Son-of-a-Bitch' are you referring to,Colonel Overby?..Myself or the Secretary of Defense"? "Mum-mum-mum-Major Simmons,Sir"! "Mum-mum-mum-Major Mistake",the General jibed cruelly,"Return to your Office. You'll be receiving an important phone call soon". "Yes Sir"!,the Colonel's Salute was raised late and held an awkward moment too long as General Phillips had already made a crisp About-Face and was Marching back to resume his station in Caspar Weinberger's Entourage. Completing the tragically comedic scene,Overby performed his own About-Face to find the Formation had closed Ranks behind him,forcing him to counter-March 20yards to his right to escape the Goofy Grins my Troops were beaming his way as his Shame 'Passed-in-Review'. // Poppa Bear understood that: A) Secretary Weinberger's time was too valuable to waste. And B) Overby could not be trusted to keep his mouth shut,so he drafted the MP's to form a Cordon around the Transient Ramp and dispatched 187th's First-Sergeant Phillips to HQ with Orders to Form the rest of the Battalion up and 'Double-Time' them to get the Change-of-Command Ceremony off to an early start. A few minutes later they came chugging down the street clapping in-time while barking Cadence in response to calls by former Drill-Sergeant Lynn Moss,'WE WILL,WE WILL ROCK YOU'!,as Secretary Weinberger was handing me a gift,"..With warmest regards from the Commander-in-Chief,President Ronald Reagan"; A One Gallon Jar of Camouflaged,Pineapple-flavored Jelly Beans.(Custom-Confectioned by 'Jelly Belly'.) Spec-4 Thompson,the 189th's Guidon Bearer was leading the Troops towards the Tarmac displaying his best 'Flair' with the 59th's Colors weaving sweeping patters around him. There was no attempt to Right the Formation by individual Units. Lynn simply butted them up to the rest of the Battalion,'Dressed & Covered' the Troops,then turned them over to the Sergeant-Major and jogged off to station herself on the Front Rank's left flank. It wasn't Military precision by the standards of FM-22-5(Drill and Ceremonies) but it put a lump in my throat to gaze across the jumbled Formation as Poppa Bear and I Marched Front-and-Center to hear Brigadier-General Phillips Bark,"ATTENTION TO ORDERS"!,before Reading them aloud. Immediately after the Customary exchange of Salutes that completed our Change-of-Command Ceremony,Phillips held Poppa Bear Front-and-Center for a second round of,"ATTENTION TO ORDERS"!,then read his Promotion to 'Full Bird' Colonel to the Troops who had raised their levels of Professional Competence in response to his Leadership Skills..... (Currently Listening To : Bob Marley & The Wailers : Babylon By Bus)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature