TRP - "..Code-2.." ~ one

Hot Butter (Gershon Kingsley) : Popcorn : playz.... Friday Morning: I love leaping through Loopholes. 700yards North and parallel to Schwabisch Hall's paved Runway 08/26 lay the Civilian Flying Club's Privately-Operated Grass Airstrip. Our Yellow Wings had fanned-out from Giebelstadt shortly after Dawn to pick up Crews & Friends from distant Airfields such as Ansbach,Hanau,Wiesbaden,RAF Guttersloh & etc. Dotty Hamilton & I were Controlling the Flying Club's Traffic-Pattern on Marine-Band VHF standing atop the VAB-SAN. The Skymasters didn't raise any eyebrows shuttling in & out,but a First-Lieutenant from Overby's Staff rolled up to the Flying Club in a Hummer to remind me about the Local Noise Abatement Policy while Caribou-016 was unloading Troops from Feucht. I,in-turn,reminded him that the Noise Abatement Policy only pertained to Military Aircraft. He returned 20 minutes later when Colt-005 was on climb-out,conveying what amounted to a Cease-and-Desist Order from Overby. "I'll be requiring that in writing,Signed-Sealed-and-Delivered",I smirked casually,"Seeing as how it's an Unlawful Order". The Aide appeared genuinely pained,"Look,Major,I don't like being caught in the middle of this". "Then you should request a Transfer,because I guarantee you the Head-Butting has just begun. Now run along home to your Master and tell him to stop fucking with me". "Yes Sir". // 0925hours: "Woof,this is Rose. There's an Army-412 trying to raise Schwabisch Hall Tower on UHF Guard". "Shift him to this Freq,Rose". "Wilco". Seconds later we received their initial Transmission,"Schwabisch Hall Flight Club,this is Army-412,a U-21,Kupferzel,inbound for full-stop". "Army 412,Flying Club. Be advised; Airspace is Restricted. Use by Military Aircraft Prohibited". "Confirm..I am talking to ATCS 0-0-0-1"? "Confirmed,412. Authentication Juliet-7-Sierra". "Good Copy. Prohibition does not apply to This Military Aircraft,Woof. Army-412 is Code-2 Transport". "Understood,412. Maintain VFR. Continue inbound to the Schwabisch hall NDB. Runway 2-6 in use. I have NO numbers. Winds Light and Variable. Use previous Altimeter setting. Avoid Overflight of Built-Up Areas. Report Runway in sight". "Roger,Woof. 412 will Report Runway in sight"..... (Currently Listening To : Bob Welch : The Other One)
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