TRP - "We didn't leave any Black Sheep behind".

A Flock Of Seagulls : D.N.A. : playz....  Gidget copped a squat beside me on the stoop,"They're calling you 'Cinderfella'". "Wasn't that a Jerry Lewis Movie"? "Yeah. Danny,this shit's like..Wigging me out". "You don't have to do it". "No,I want to,I mean,it's just about the same-old,y'know,more paperwork ain't no biggie",peeking up at the Starry Night,Gidget sprouted a magnificently Wicked smile,"I hope every sorry motherfucker that bet on Giebelstadt's Body-Count eats 47 different Brands of Shit when they hear about this"! "As an Appetizer",I tacked-on ruefully,"I'm praying they spend eternity in Satan's Turd-Cafe". "OOOH"!,she gripped my wrist on the turn to face me,"How'd the Rodeo do on the first night"? "They seated 700-plus in the Dining Room and 250 in the Biergarten. The Retail sold-out of everything but Squid..They tallied almost 25-Grand in receipts". "On a Wenesday"!?,Gidge gawked,"Twenty-Five bucks a head on a Wednesday Night? WoW that is just fuckin..MIDAS"!! "So sayeth the Bumper-Sticker Tycoon",I jibed with a chummy shoulder-nudge,"What's your Cost-per-Unit"? "Eight Cents to Print,Cut,Package And Ship; One Dollar,Each,at the Registerrrr-guurrrrrrr. Dammit,don't distract me"! "From"? "Cinderfella",she swung back onto Course,"Fairy Tales,Happily-Ever-Afters,all that Bullshit..I'm afraid a lot of people are taking what we've done for granted". "Not the ones who really count,Hun. The FAA sent 'Gator' Bonds out to Recruit Blossom and the Sea Dog yesterday. He didn't visit any other Short-Timers". "Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice"!,Gidge purred,"Are they goin for it"? "Blossom is; Sea Dog's harboring a Head-Case he's been in the Military too long to cope with Civilian life". Her head went bobbing,"He's prolly right". Following a few moments of thoughtful silence,"Guess that's the real difference innit"?,Gidget mused merrily,"We didn't leave any Black Sheep behind". "Nope,we hung tight and they love us for sharing every step of the climb we've made together except for the last few that pinned Brass on our Collars,Hun". "Yeah,I definitely get the sense they're feeling a helluva lot like Proud Parents". "Championship Teammates",I corrected,"And they know the Trophy's not going anywhere now that we're their Coaches"..... (Currently Listening To : Billy Idol : Vital Idol)
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