TRP - Haunting/Wardrobe

..."Strange Magic.(Got a Strange Magic)".... Several of the Facility Engineers resided in Giebelstadt,making it fairly easy for them to convince the rest of their Civil-Service Brethren to became willing accomplices to Jan's plans to 'Haunt' the Grunt's 3-Story Barracks in-response to their Riotous Weekend. It seems the most devious minds worked at the Water & Sewage Plant,who got the Ghostly Ball rolling by injecting several Gallons of Red Food Coloring into an Inspection Port,which roused the Grunts to place a 'Bloody Panic' call to the Facility Engineers,who now had the perfect excuse to wander Crawl-Spaces placing Crystal Radio Receivers in Heating Ducts and Resonant Voids while the Pipes were being Flushed. It was the Sewage workers who also provided Cassette Tapes of several Amateur Yodeling Contests and Extremely Creepy Gregorian Chants to kick-off our Haunted Broadcasts..But by-far the funkiest idea they broached was to infest the Grunt Barracks with Thousands of Crickets purchased from Bait-Stands along the River. // For a number of Practical & Philosophical reasons the Humpahos placed a priority on providing Sofia with a new Wardrobe. They read the twinkling in her Blue/Grey eyes much differently than the opposition she voiced to deny interest in some of the more expensive items the girls thought she looked good in,so they swung by Patrika's Fashion-House and scored Sofia a collection of upscale freebies from the racks of Factory Over-Runs & Prototypes. When asked if they thought I'd like to see her in a sexy set of Lingerie the girls steered Sofia away from conventional wisdom and leaned heavily on the Lifeguard motif to talk her into choosing a variety of rakish one-piece Swimsuits and even skimpier Thong Bikinis which they guaranteed would keep my most ardent attention focused on the progression of her Pregnancy. This came as a surprise to Sofia,who had become morbidly attuned to considering herself 'Spoiled Rotten' in terms that had nothing to do with Bratty Behavior; A puzzling surprise to be sure,so the Sweet Teener began quizzing the girls as to why I'd hampered her attempts to take it,"..All The Way..",when we were making-out after Breakfast,carrying-on the successful blockade until the girls peeled us apart to take her Shopping. 'Anticipation' was the generalized theme of answers that also included a few sage insights where my Head-Space was concerned with not inviting comparison with a User such as her Former Swimming Coach..Which was precisely why I was biding-time until Sofia's Raging Hormones gave-way to Sounder Counsel..... (Currently Listening To : Jackson Browne : Running On Empty)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature