TRP - Red Germans

..."Ohne den richtigen spirit bleibt keine Radfahrer Fit".(German: Without the correct 'Spirits' no Cyclist remains fit. ~ Caption on Poster of Cyclist carrying bent 10-Speed on his back while chugging a bottle of Schnapps.)... Rose had a good eye for Trail-Bikes. The Maico Mega-2 was brawny,harmonized,reliable,responsive and tough as German engineering could devise. It was the Harmony that captured my adoration. My 'Frankenbastard' Mono-Shock MX at Texas was Brute-Force personified,requiring your full attention every second it was Off-Road lest it buck you out of the saddle. The Mega-2 was a Dream Machine by-comparison,forgiving most mistakes in ways & means that injected fresh measures of Confidence & Fun into Dirt-Biking. Rebel Rose's '79 Maico 125cc Magnum Enduro was on-Par with it's Bigger Brother in every respect except Ground Clearance,actually sounding a bit Louder & Prouder out on the Trail. Rosencranz was in the Market for a set of wheels,and after listening to Rose quote prices on some of the other Used Cycles on the Lot he bummed a ride to Randersacker,returning about an hour later grinning from ear-to-ear atop a Sporty Red & Black '79 BMW 650cc R65 Touring Model with a very cool Bullet-shaped Sidecar attached to Starboard..... (Currently Watching On DVD : Led Zeppelin : The Song Remains The Same)
Topics: Incredastory, Mature