TRP - 'BYOB'/Kite Balloon/'Mega-2'

..."Summertime,time,time. Child,the living's easy".... A few of Cobra 227's Troops rolled-in to Pitch Camp at the Quarry during the wee hours of the morning..Burnt-out after dealing with the crowds at Hiedelberg. The Jessica's were still on Kythera,squashing their hopes for a Wilde Beaver Fever Concert,but the speakers were cranked-up loud broadcasting 'Album Rock' and we had obtained a Permit to launch Fireworks from 2100-to-2200 hours,so word percolated back to their Barracks: 'BYOB at the Woofhausen Pub'. They did something very cool before they settled-in to Party; Grilling a load of Brats & Burgers and delivering them to their friends that were still recovering from their Burns and/or Wounds at the Wurzburg Army Hospital. // My Elliptical-Winged Kite & Pinwheel Combo flew successfully,but I saw a kid playing with a Balloon that was tied to her wrist,which spawned another idea harking back to the earliest days of Military Aviation; The Kite Balloon-aka-A Tethered Zeppelin. Understand that these were the days when Nena's '99 Luftballoons' was scorching the European Pop Charts. Helium Balloons were a a fairly big Fad among the Younglings,selling widely in Cities & Villages,alike. Gitte scootered into Ochsenfurt aboard an Ape and returned from a Toy-Store with the Tool Bins stuffed to capacity with Helium-filled spheres as I was nearing Completion of the 'Envelope',a section of Black Fishnet Stocking mounted with Cardboard Fins; Into which I inserted 3 Black & White striped Balloons and tied it closed,then had a second thought that caused me to angle the fins and mount a swivel on the nose so it could spin freely. All the other kids-at-heart wanted to fly a Barrel-Rolling Zeppelin,and in practically no time at all quite a few of 227's Troops were pressing their Old-School Knee-high Athletic Socks into service as Lighter-Than-Airships decorated with Magic Markers..Sharing Airspace with One very lumpy pair of Flesh-toned Pantyhose. // Mid-Afternoon: The girls had taken the Roadie-Cruiser to blow some of their Pay shopping in Wurzburg. Trailing dust along the Farmer's Road West of Darstadt,Rebel Rose,perched on the saddle of a Red & Yellow 1981 Maico 490cc 'Mega-2' Motocross Bike beat the Bus back to the Reservation. "You owe me 300 Bucks",she quipped as I caught the helmet she'd tossed at me,"Feels a little tight shifting from Second-to-Third". "Nice Bike! Where'd you find it,Hun"? "Newspaper,Randersacker (Riverside Suburb South of Wurzburg)..Got that 300"? "Lemme go fetch my wallet",I took over the handlebars and pushed the Mega-2 towards the Man-Cave,"What's your Hurry"? "That's too much Bike for me. I had my eye on a 125 for the same price,but I went for the Muscle..Going back to buy the better fit for me"..... (Currently Listening To : Thin Lizzy : Live And Dangerous)
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