TRP - Sofia's Choice

..."Beach Baby,Beach Baby give me your hand".... 0630-ish: Jan led Gitte & Sofia into the Playhouse bearing boxes of pastries & bags of breads. "Goddamn Grunts tore-up the town again last night",Jan grumbled gruffly,"Pamala's Dad says the Burgermeister's fed-up with their Bullshit. The Government's sending some sort of Commissioner out to listen to their Grievances". "That's about a half-step short of Posting all of Giebelstadt Off-Limits",my head hung sadly,"I wish I knew what it took to get the message across to those Double-Dumb-Asses that they're fucking things up Royally for those of us who actually enjoy living here"? Snapping her fingers,"Message"!?,Jan perked-up,"We've still got those Crystal Radios". "Today is not a German Holiday",I noted glibly,"I'll bribe the Facility Engineers to.." "No,this one's on Me",Jan interrupted sprouting a Gremlin's Grin,"Those Dip-Shits will be hunting an Exorcist by this time tomorrow". // That settled,I turned my attention to Sofia,"Wir benotigen einer Liebwachter. Mochten Sie beschaftigt werden"? (We need a Lifeguard. Do you want the job?{to be employed}) "Sure",the petite Blonde readily accepted,"I speak English somewhat good". "Yes you do",I duly noted before completing my proposal,"How does Room-and-Board,500 Marcks a Month and Prosecuting your Swimming Coach sound"? "Very Generous",Sofia returned as a pale blush tinted her cheeks,"It is not right to be uglied by His shame". "Or Mine",I tacked-on without hesitation,"I don't believe it's Wise to tell your Parents you're living here". Sofia burst into a scintillating smile a split-second before Gitte sprang an ambush that snatched my jogging shorts to the floor. "I should like to have Secrets worth keeping",Sofia broadcast on giggly airwaves as her finger swung up to point-out the Humpaho Bylaws posted above the door,'What you see here - What you hear here - What you do here - STAYS HERE'! // Sofia's counter-proposal was simple,effective and punctuated by a steadily strengthening fog of extremely potent Pheromones; Her reputation was shot,so she saw no benefits in attempting to maintain her former 'Good Girl' Persona..She was harboring a number of Grudges that required a thorough purging..There were few doubts in Sofia's mind that Fate was offering her a Prime chance to escape all the heinous realities she was being forced to deal with,and she wasn't going to let it pass without giving it her best shot..And last,but by no means least; Sofia enjoyed the curiosity of thought required to keep Secrets that she hadn't yet learned..... (Currently Listening To : Manfred Mann's Earth Band : Somewhere In Afrika)      
Topics: Incredastory, Mature